Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Bits

Sickness, job issues, emotional turmoil. It's hard standing on the sidelines and seeing someone you love going through tough times, and there is nothing you can do to fix it. Nothing except lend a listening ear, and offering a prayer to the One who can take care of everything.


I'm so thankful for laughter. It's healing and soothing, especially when you're emotionally drained.

I don't know what it is with our local Wal-Mart, but ever since they have replaced their floors a month or so ago, shopping there has been an adventure.

Anytime I touch a shelf or open a door I get shocked horribly. Not just a little static shock, but a full blown, make me shriek, shock that burns it's way from my fingertips all the way up my arm and into my chest. It hurts so bad!

I thought I might be unconsciously dragging my feet, but even after risking looking like a total weirdo and doing something of a prance through the store, I still got shocked.

 I give up. I'm not touching anything any longer.

Thankfully LV is willing to get everything we need from the shelves and into the cart for me. Somehow he doesn't have any trouble with getting shocked. I'm assuming that must mean I'm doing something wrong, and I haven't figured out yet what that might be.


  1. Some days I shock myself really often pushing my cart through our local Aldi. It hasn't happened in a really long time, and it was only mild shocks. Not like what you described.

  2. Being shocked like that sounds painful. Have you tried wearing a different pair of shoes?

  3. There are varying degrees of static electricity. So sorry to hear you had such a strong charge. Synthetic clothing, plastic soled shoes and purses might cause static for you. Holding a dryer sheet or keeping one in your purse might help since they are anti-static. Or I think I have heard if you hold a key, the electrons go into it instead.
    I know coal mines worried about static and some factories have to have workers wear "grounded" clothing. The Wal-Mart must lack humidity b/c humidity cuts down static. Ironically, it is possible that Wal-Mart sells some anti-static devices. I hope next time is a much less painful shopping experience for you!

  4. Oh my goodness! That sounds painful. I have no words of advice except to say I'm sorry. The comments babe seem rather helpful though. :-)

  5. I have the same thing if I am wearing certain shoes. It must be something to do with the synthetic sole, I think. Try leather shoes.

  6. Mary Ann, from what I know of Wal-Mat, I don't think you can do anything that would make you look Any weirder than the other people who shop there. Some mighty strange folks in our local store.
    I've never had the static problem but I agree that a drier sheet may help. Won't hurt, at any rate.

    1. Haha. I agree if prancing is the weirdest thing going on at Walmart it's a boring trip. Theres something about Walmart that attracts the wierdo's. Maybe that's the problem. You're not wierd enough so you've activated the non wierdo repellent device.;-)

  7. My husband had a pair of shoes that did that to him! Walmart was killer for him as well, odd. They were still in decent shape when he gave up and got rid of them. He couldn't take it anymore.

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  9. The same thing used to happen to me at our local Wegmans. It got to the point where I was afraid to touch anything. I really can sympathize. I noticed that it happened more while I was wearing a certain pair of shoes.

    I never entirely figured it out, but my sandals must be okay because it didn't seem to happen this summer. I'll see how it goes this winter...when the air is drier besides.

    I hope you solve the mystery. It really is terrible, I know!

  10. I get shocked at our Wal-Mart stores too, both of them. I feel so silly, but it hurts too. Sorry you are having that happen to you too. The odd thing is that I am there with our two growing blessings ages eleven and nine so I need to be very discreet about the shock or they will have a hay day with it. *big smile* Have a great day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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