Saturday, September 3, 2016

Picture my Week

Rosebud loves crocheting. She has made quite the assortment of things already. Not quite halfway into this afghan she decided it is much, much too wide and wants to undo it and start over. Only problem was she didn't like thinking of undoing all her carefully woven in yarn ends, so it was folded up and ignored for months .... until a friend came over.
We sat down and began unraveling. It took a while to undo those woven in ends, because she had done a really good job at doing them. But we finally got it, and now the afghan looks like this.

My Sunday morning bedheads .... melt my heart!

When a neighbor called to see if Sailor would like to help make hay one afternoon, he was happy to jump at the chance.

Buddy loves helping with everything. So when I made a batch of vinegar fries, he pulled a chair up next to me in order to pat them dry before I fry them.
Rosebud spent a few hours on our top porch with her crocheting. When she was finished she came downstairs modeling her latest creation. (I don't know where she gets her patience.)


  1. Rosebud really can take a pattern and run with it. Even if one follows a pattern, getting the fit of a dress like she has is a talent. My mom couldn't put her crochet hook down. She loved making infant sweater outfits for gifts. My crocheting remains at your balls of yarn photo. Hats off to Rosebud and the mom who introduced her to the yarn art.

  2. I did the same thing to an afghan once. Her dress is beautiful (and so is she btw). When I was in elementary school, many many decades ago, I had a friend who crocheted dresses for Barbie dolls. She sold them at school for 25 cents each. I was thrilled to buy one and in awe that she could do that. Andrea

  3. So very pretty, both the crocheting and your daughter!

  4. Hey! Finally some kind of crocheting I could do... The take apart and roll up kind! I could master that! LOL

  5. Your daughter is a beauty! The dress is pretty awesome also!

  6. What a sweet post MaryAnn. Love the photo of your bed heads. :-). It seems you have raised a family of children who enjoy helping others. What a wonderful gift you have given them. I have crocheted since my Grandmother taught me when I was 7 years old and have been knitting only about 10 years. Crochet is still my favorite. Rosebud did an outstanding job on her dress. Her patience at weaving in ends is to be commended. So many leave it to last as it isn't as much fun as the actual crochet. :-). She is absolutely beautiful, and I have a feeling that it is a beauty that is inside as well as outside.

  7. What a talented daughter you have -- and she is beautiful. Lovely family post.


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