Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.July 15th is National Give Something Away Day.  What can you give away? Will you?

The past few weeks I dropped of quite a bit of things at the Goodwill, so as far as material things go, no, I won't be giving anything away.

A kind word, a smile, and a helping hand are a different story, and yes, I'll be doing plenty of that today. If that counts.

2. Do you have a mantra? Please share with the class if you feel comfortable doing so.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

3. Who does the grocery shopping in your house? How many times a week do you shop? Do you make a list or pray for inspiration in the produce aisle?

LV and I do the grocery shopping once a week. Getting groceries is the extent of our "date nights" so I enjoy the time we get together even though the actual shopping for groceries isn't too high on my lists of enjoyable chores.

I always make a list. The day before our weekly shopping trip I make our next weeks menu so I know exactly what I'll be needing.

4. Is there a TV show you're embarrassed to say you watch? You're going to tell us what it is, right?

Return to Amish. I really don't know why I continue watching it since it nearly breaks the cringe worthy meter. So much about it is fake. What really gets me is when the producers translate things they say in Pennsylvania Dutch and make it appear as if they said something different from what they actually said. Apparently they think no one will know any different, but hello! I can understand Pennsylvania Dutch perfectly. I can also read English, so they may want to think about being honest in their translations. Otherwise I might announce it to the world here on my blog about their discrepancy.

5. A recent article listed fifteen words we should eliminate from our (written) vocabulary in order to sound smarter-

that, went, honestly, absolutely, very, really, amazing, always, never, literally, just, maybe, stuff, things, and irregardless

Of the fifteen, which word is your most overused?

How did went make the list?

I don't enjoy hearing the word literally, most of the time it's not used correctly, and irregardless isn't even a real word, is it? Either way, I can't stand hearing it being used.

6. So apparently dying your hair gray (in your youth!) is a thing right now. It's called 'The Granny Hair' trend. Your thoughts?

Why ..... why? An excellent example of why following trends isn't smart.

7. A while back Buzz Feed asked members to share the most beautiful sentence they've read in a piece of literature. A hard thing to narrow down, at least for me, but let's try. What's one of the most beautiful sentences you've ever read in a piece of literature?

“After all," Anne had said to Marilla once, "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”   ~ Anne of Avonlea

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It's blueberry season! We've been picking when ever we can, and freezing them to make yummy pies and cobblers this winter.


  1. I very much dislike reality tv for that reason. It's not real if it is not true.

  2. My neighbor's family has a blueberry farm about 30 minutes away and she brought some to my door a couple of weeks ago! Delicious!

  3. Many good quotes from Anne of Green Gables. Blueberries, yum. I eat blueberries every day. Would be fun to be able to pick them fresh.

  4. When I hear someone use the word "literally" I think of Sheldon Cooper. I start to laugh because I hear it in his voice and his facial features. Love blueberry picking, but it is too hot in Texas to do it!

  5. I love your comment about translation - you should write the creators of the show and let them know you are on to them!

  6. I enjoyed the article about words we should not use if we want to sound smarter. There is nothing wrong with the words themselves; the problem lies in how they are used. It appears to me increasingly fewer Americans are interested in sounding smart.

  7. I don't think the one about words meant "went" as in "She went to the store." I think it means something like "I told her I didn't like her attitude and she went, like, 'well that's just your opinion.' "

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  9. Clisby hit on a word that drives ME to distraction - like. "She was, like..." "He was like..." Aaargh! My mother was an English teacher, and she was adamant that "like" means "to be fond of", and Heaven help us if we used it any other way. "It looks as if it's going to rain." "That animal resembles a squirrel."

    Another word that makes me want to leap for somebody's throat is "unique". Unique means to be the only one of its kind. If it is the only one, it cannot be especially unique, or totally unique, really unique. It is unique. Period.

    It's awful when you open your mouth (or your keyboard) and your mother falls out!

  10. I've never watched Return to Amish, but admit to stopping on Amish Mafia when I come across it. It's so bad, I guess I just have to watch to see how far they will go. Tell me it's not even remotely accurate. Please?

    My stepdad's blueberries didn't amount to much this year. Good thing there was a bumper crop last year and we still have a lot in the freezer. I may still have to head up to Indiana Co. to buy some from the Amish, though. My daughter puts them in smoothies every morning so we probably won't make it through to next summer.

  11. Blueberries! Our bushes didn't do very well this year as we had planned to transplant them. We trimmed them pretty hard in the fall so they didn't bear many berries. Unfortunately we didn't get them transplanted this Spring. Oh well, at least I still have berries in the freezer.

  12. Your mantra and your quote were perfect selections. Thank you. I picked blueberries a few years ago and decided it was a better deal to buy them frozen at Sams. It is just too hot and humid in Louisiana for much outdoor work.

  13. I never watched "Returning to Amish" or other so called reality shows. I think that you should expose the errors in the program.

  14. I'd LOVE to hear the difference between what the network is translating & what was actually being said!
    LOVE your beautiful quote.

  15. I've never been impressed with "reality" TV shows. They all seem fake to me. I'm sure that most of it is staged. I almost never watch TV.

    I'm trying to be careful that I don't sound unintelligent in this post. "Like" I wouldn't want you to think I'm totally dumb. Come to think of it, why didn't "totally" make the list?

  16. I agree! I don't like being cliche either about a lot of things. Sorry I'm late on commenting! Is that show on TLC? I watched the gypsy sisters whatever it's called. They're so mean to each other it's crazy. I also sometimes Kate plus 8 just because I like to see craziness sometimes. :0 she does get in my nerves. Well hope you have a great weekend!


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