Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Beauty

Day by day the trees are looking prettier and prettier.

Even a cloudy overcast day doesn't take away from the beauty that is fall when this was taken last week.

I don't often get the urge to jump out of a vehicle and walk up a road, but everything about this called me to do just that. This was taken yesterday. Judging by how fast the leaves are changing another week will be showing a lot of bare trees.

I love this time of year!


Jeanneke said...

Enjoy these Golden Autumn Days!


Peggy said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures! I love autumn, too, and it appears to have come a bit early this year - way too many colors for not even being October, yet! We're enjoying them, though and happy for us since we will be traveling down south for a few days and would miss them if they came 'on time.' Thanks for sharing :-)

Linda said...

Fall is my favorite season!! Texas doesn't have the colors and beauty of YOUR fall - but I am thankful for what we DO have and I surely enjoy seeing YOURS!!

Lynn Bean said...

WOW! Glad you stopped and got that Photo! Beautiful capture!

Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures. So many people love fall-I have to admit I'm not in that group. Although I think it's pretty and enjoy the colors, I really don't like winter and snow driving at all so I dread the advent of fall each year. I think I'm in the vast minority though based on the blogs I've been reading! :-)

Clisby said...

Those photos are great. Fall is my favorite time of year, too, although in coastal SC you don't get great leaf-color. Instead you get the best possible beach weather. The blazing heat of summer is gone, the warm water remains, the horde of tourists is lessened,. (I mean, we love you, tourists, but it's nice to be able to visit an uncrowded beach.) Where I live, it's comfortable to swim up into early December. To top it off, if you want to rent a beach house, the prices drop in the fall.