Thursday, August 14, 2014


My email was exploding this morning with people concerned about the two little Amish girls that were abducted from a little roadside stand in New York, where they were selling vegetables.

No, I don't know them, but my stomach is still in knots thinking about what their family and loved ones must be going through. I can't imagine the anguish and helplessness they must be feeling.

No parent should ever have to go through something like that, and no child should have to ever experience being torn from their family.

I will be praying for them, but not only for them, but for all parents that are hurting, waiting, and hoping for their child to return.


  1. Amen! Those were very similar to my thoughts. May God grant them a safe return to their family and give them all peace right now.

  2. That is close to where I live and my heart is breaking for them. I stop at those stands all the time. It takes a special kind of evil to prey on such innocence.

  3. We live in an evil world these day! I'm praying they are found safe. I can't even imagine.

  4. They have been found safe and sound! Praise God!

  5. Thank god they are found. We hadn't heard they were missing on this side of the Altantic butmy heart turned over when i read your post, mary Ann. Children going missing is always dreadful. Thank you for letting us know they have been found, Leanne. Did they just get sick of selling vegetables and wander off, or was it something more sinster? Hope they are safe and unharmed.

    1. No, they did not wander off. They saw there was a customer there and went to take care of them. Instead of buying vegetables they kidnapped the girls.

      Thankfully the girls were able to escape almost 24 hours later, found help, and were returned home safely.

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, me too!!

      God still answers prayer. Love how they were returned during that big prayer meeting for them.


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