Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Joyce has faithfully been creating the Wednesday Hodgepodge questions for several years, in fact today marks the 180th volume. Quite an achievement!

1.  Speaking of 180...when was the last time you 'did a 180' on something?

As in huge and life changing. The day we became born again.
As in changing my mind about something. Deciding to leave a group that met once a week, it was simply to much.
As in literally. Turning the van around and driving the opposite direction.

2. It's Independence Week in the US of A! What's your favorite thing about America right this very minute? Favorites only! Let's hear what you love about America.

I love the mountains, the deserts, and all the other beautiful places it offers.

3. Stars or stripes? Red, white, or blue? Watermelon, homemade vanilla ice cream, or blueberry pie?

Stars. Blue. Watermelon.

4. When did you last see stars, figuratively speaking?

It's been a little while since I last bonked my head hard enough to see stars. I had bent down to pick something up and when I wanted to stand up my head met the big mirror on our F-350. I thought I was going to be sick right there in the parking lot.

5.  'Clear as a bell', 'with bells on',  'lots of bells and whistles', 'saved by the bell'...which phrase 'rings' truest for you lately?  Have you ever seen The Liberty Bell?

I wish I could say clear as a bell, but unfortunately things haven't been looking the clearest lately.

I have never seen the Liberty Bell, but would love to someday.

6. Are you caught up in World Cup fever? Have you watched a lot or a little or none at all?

I have not watched a single second of the World Cup. Soccer has never interested me.

7. Bid farewell to June in 10 words or less.

I wish you could have stayed longer. (July too warm!)

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Today is day seven of not using my voice. It's a challenge, but worth it since I can already feel a difference in the size of the thing in my throat. I'm hoping by the end of the 4-6 week period it will be gone.


  1. I'm so behind in reading blogs, and didn't know you had a throat problem. I hope it resolves itself quickly. I was without a voice for a solid week last year, and it was challenging for someone who loves to talk! Take care of yourself.

  2. That does sound like a hard bonk on the head! And I had not read before about your throat problem either. That is tough. And it's always interesting how children can pretend they don't understand when you're using sign language to try to get your point across!

  3. I wish June could have stayed longer too. But I'm glad there's the whole month of July and the first two weeks of August between me and the start of school! LOL

  4. Oh my! To not be able to talk - Hope you get better soon.

  5. I do hope that resting your voice helps your throat. I know it must be tough not to be able to speak, especially with little ones!
    I enjoyed reading your answers.

  6. I love all the great scenery we have as well. Good luck with resting your voice.

  7. I love July and August. Where I live, very northern is is max. 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. So I love it when it's really warm.

  8. I would like to see the Liberty Bell, also.

    I thought we were going to have a rather cool summer, then came July...


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