Thursday, April 10, 2014

I ~ Icy Feet

One of the things I liked the least when we were Amish was getting icy cold feet during the winter, especially on the way home from a Sunday evening hymn sing.

Sunday dress shoes weren't known for their warmth to begin with and adding freezing cold temperatures it didn't take long to feel the cold creep in. The heavy buggy robe we used to cover our laps simply didn't help our feet.

My toes used to start tingling from the cold in the first few minutes in the buggy, it kept growing more painful with every minute that passed. By the time we got home my feet used to be reduced to icy chunks, so numb with cold they didn't even want to move properly when I walked and I used to do the icy feet waddle into the house where I then stood on top of the radiator in the living room trying to get them to thaw before going to bed.


  1. I can imagine that your feet must have been like blocks of ice!

  2. I guess I always assumed that you were able to wrap up your feet in the lap robe too! Poor you. I detest cold feet and mine seem to be cold all the time in the winter.

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  4. Very descriptive post...I could almost feel my feet getting cold just reading it!!

  5. It's amazing the things I took for granted. Still take for granted. Thank you for sharing.


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