Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B ~ Buggies

Most of my growing up years we had three buggies. A small one seated open buggy, our regular family buggy, and what we referred to as a spring wagon which was an one seated open buggy with a long bed for hauling things. Basically the Amish version of a pickup truck.

When my brother John turned sixteen a small one seated top buggy was added to our family's mode of transportation options.

There was one type of buggy that we didn't have. An extra long, three seated top buggy, drawn by a team of horses. Large families used them. And to me, even more importantly, wedding parties used them. The bride and groom would sit on the middle seat with their 'nava hucka' sitting on the front and back seats.

As a little girl the thought of getting to ride in a buggy like that was almost enough to make me want to get married some day.

I never did get to ride in one of those buggies. When LV and I got married we opted to walk to church instead of using a buggy. Something I still kind of regret.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post very much! Will be browsing later when I'm off work!! Best wishes in the A to Z challenge!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post too. I think that I am going to love reading your blog all this month. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. A xx

  3. Even non-Amish romanticize about the horse-drawn carriage...buggie. Maybe you could repeat your vows someday :)
    Thanks for your insights and descriptions. Also enjoying this!

  4. I am interested in reading about different cultures in the world, and I enjoyed reading your post. I hope to come back soon and learn more about your beautiful customs and traditions.

  5. Pictures of the buggies do have an aura of romance, but I understand that there can be dangers also, particularly with fast cars overtaking.

  6. This seemed so fairy-tale likes to me. Never sat in a buggy, only read about them in classic novels! Lovel B!

    Aditi, A2Z participant

  7. Enjoying reading your posts. The different types of buggies I see the Amish driving have always interested me.


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