Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kitchen Adventures

Sailor is quite the chef and when lunch time rolls around he can often be found trying his hand at creating some new kind of dish. He leaves the baking for the girls and they seem to keep a steady stream of desserts flowing.
Recently he decided to try something different and make cornbread for lunch even though that meant using a recipe book. After hearing strange muttering noises coming from the kitchen I went to investigate and found him calculating how to increase the recipe because he had accidently added too much sugar and was now trying to fit the rest of the recipe around his mistake.
We now have enough cornbread to feed a small army.


  1. Heh, I've done the same thing before when measuring for a recipe. It's great that he is cooking though. You can always freeze the extra bread and use it in cornbread stuffing for a baked chicken or turkey.

    Btw, A Big Year For Lily Arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I can't wait to read it. Thanks again!

  2. We don't have cornbread over here, so maybe he could send some to UK?!

  3. It's so funny!
    I like you and your family!

    Love from Holland...

  4. I love this, enough to feed an army.

  5. Slice, toast in oven, crush in blender, etc., and have great flavored bread crumbs. *Been there,done that.

  6. Glad he just didn't dump it out and waste it. I wonder why that I don't like cornbread, but I will eat cornbread stuffing and corndogs...same stuff.

  7. I've made the same mistake before. It was very smart of him to double, (or triple?), the batch though. My youngest son used to love to cook with me and since he's been living on his own in Japan now for almost 6 years, it's a good thing he learned those skills.

  8. That is too cute, and of course a great lesson in math. LOL Yep, been there, done that - the best way to learn. His future wife can start counting her blessings - a husband that cooks is quite a treat. :)


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