Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Only a few feet from our back door there is a fence. Directly on the other side of this fence there seems to be an entire different world. For starters there is a very steep hill, there are trees, under brush, mayapples, and all sorts of plants.
Wildlife doesn't seem to mind that all this is so close to a house and we have spotted everything from bobcats and deer to the more common squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and of course plenty of birds.
Yesterday there was a deer hanging out there for quite a while.

A Canada goose was wandering through our yard. I think I spot a band on its leg.
I love living in the country!


  1. I know it's not good to be envious but I would love to live in the country too. Whst s blessing for you.

  2. I live in a suburb on a cul-de-sac. There are woods behind our property, so we get lots of wildlife. The only two animals you mentioned that we've never seen in our yard are a bobcat and a Canada goose. I could definitely go the rest of my life without seeing a bobcat up close. LOL

    Funny story about being introduced to "country" living. Our previous home was an apartment. I was accustomed to setting small bags of garbage outside on our balcony until I was able to take them down to the dumpster. After we moved to our new house I absent-mindedly set a bag of garbage on our back deck, forgetting that we had garbage cans in the garage. Later I heard some rustling on the deck. I was almost too scared to look to see what was going on. I peeked through the vertical blinds to see that a racoon had pawed through the garbage. I suspect it was a female, because she got into a package of stale Suzie Q's (two thin, rectangular pieces of chocolate cake with icing in the middle).

  3. I'd love to have that view - sounds wonderful!

  4. Like you, I love living in the country; my country is Appalachia. A few weeks ago, I watched a black bear gambol over the hillside. God is so good to let me see His creation.

  5. We have our Christmas Tree Farm in the back yard (quite a few acres) and find all kinds of wildlife meandering across the lawn/meadow and in and out of the fir trees. We hear coyotes at night, and see ground hogs by day... the ground hogs eat dandelions, but I KNOW they're appetite will change once my garden grows! We also have a pair of red tailed hawks. Love to hear them call to each other. Robins wake us in the AM ...first birds of dawn.

  6. I grew up in relative country and I miss it. It's been far too long since I've heard a pheasant or Bobwhite call. We still get a good share of wildlife in our little suburban village - squirrels, and groundhogs, of course, and rabbits and skunks; we've also been visited by bears and lost herds of deer!


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