Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Question and Answers ~ Part 2

How many cousins do you have?

I have ninety-seven cousins. The oldest is ten years younger than my mother and the youngest is a few months younger than Sunbeam. Since I was born close to the middle of this group I don't know the oldest or the youngest very well, but used to have so much fun with those close to my age.

Are you taller than your mother?

Yes, I'm almost two inches taller than she is.

Do you have any pets?

We're a family of dog people, but instead of a dog the only pet we have is a gray cat that someone dropped off. It adopted us and well, we all kind of like it. A lot.

Do you play an instrument?

Does a harmonica count as an instrument?

What is your favorite shampoo?

I don't have a favorite shampoo. I usually use one brand until my hair no longer reacts to it the way I want it too and then I switch to something else. Currently I'm using Total Care.

What did you do yesterday?

Besides the daily dozen I washed several loads of bedding, did a pile of mending, went grocery shopping, enjoyed digging through a box filled with Christmas goodies that the mailman delivered from my parents, took the children to their last pageant practice for the season and picked them up once it was over.

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  1. 97 cousins! That's awesome. I have 5, and was only ever very close with one. My kids have 20 (hubby is one of 9) but the only 2 close in age live in Australia and they've never met.


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