Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Weekend

My week end seemed to start a day early when two of my cousins arrived on Friday. We all really enjoyed their visit!
They are part of the New Order Amish in Ohio and since they brought their camera along I assumed, correctly, that they would not mind being in front of my camera.

On Saturday we attended the wedding reception of one of our friends. I didn't get very many pictures of the event since Buddy was being a super Mr. Cranky Pants. Sailor offered to take pictures and while there isn't a single one with the bride and groom, he took plenty of others.

A few pigeons on the roof above us before it grew dark and they flew away. I like their shadows!

Sunbeam enjoyed the bubbles after we were done eating. She is getting quite good at being left handed but we all look forward to next week when the cast comes off her right arm. I don't think she will be trying to fly off our front porch again.


  1. Gotta love bubbles! Did you make Sunbeam's dress? It looks very pretty.

    Leave it to a boy to take pictures of the ceiling rather than the bride and groom. LOL

  2. Too cute ... that's a boy for you! Love Sunbeam & the cousin's pics, Mary Ann.

    We just came back from a jaunt thru Amish country in PA last week. Always a delight.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. I just found your blog :) I love it :)
    and it is Nice to meet you, I am Renee'

  4. I know very little about the new order Amish, and to my knowledge my area of Lancaster does not have any. But I could be wrong, and Id love to have some kind of contact with someone from the new order church. On my blog I focus so much on both the old order Amish/ Mennonites, so It would be refreshing to know more about them and to be able to receive a post from someone In the new order. Richard

  5. Weddings are always lots of fun as is a visit from family. Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. I love the bubbles! LOL! Sorry about you know who being cranky pants! Glad you enjoyed the wedding anyway. huggles.

  7. How did I miss Sunbeam's aerobatic adventure? Glad she's on the mend, anyway.

    One of my godsons shot an entire roll of film when his family went to visit his grandparents in Florida. A shot of Grandpa's license plate, a picture of the milk box on the front porch, a photo of a bush at the corner of the house. This was waaaay before digital cameras, so the film was purchased and the developing paid for. His mother nearly wept when she opened the envelope.

  8. It must have been special having your cousin with you. I am assuming it doesn't happen very often.

  9. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Hope Sunbeam's cast comes off soon.


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