Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amish Stores in Somerset County

I have read quite a bit of your blog already and have gathered that you grew up in Somerset County. I pass through that area occasionally but have never met any Amish people. Could you tell me where I could visit some of their stores or bakeries?

The Amish in Somerset County are not tourist oriented at all. You won't find a lot of stores or bakeries just by driving through the area even though there are seven church districts. The area is heavily wooded and most farms are tucked on hillsides and in valleys surrounded by lots of trees. While there are some Amish farms close to the roads many more are hidden from view.

As far as the stores go. There are Amish stores that sell fabrics and many other things that the rest of the Amish would like to purchase. How ever they are mostly known only to the Amish and often kept upstairs in their farmhouse in a spare bedroom.

I have not visited any Amish stores in the Somerset area for over seven years. There used to be one open to the public along Oakdale Rd in Salisbury but I have no idea if they are still in business or not. There was also a little bakery and variety store along Rockdale Rd in Meyersdale.  In the twenty years of living in that area I never visited that store so I can't tell you just how it is or the quality of their baked goods other than that they must be doing something right to have been in business for so long.

There are a few Mennonite operated businesses in the area including Whispering Pines, a furniture business now owned by a Mennonite family after they purchased it from my parents. It is located along Route 669 in Springs.

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  1. Somerset County is one of the Amish settlements that id really love to go to, and it should be under 2 hours or so of a drive i think. Merry christmas to you and your readers and its nice to see another blog that covers Amish culture. Yours truly Richard


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