Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amish Lifestyle

Aside from your family and close friends, what sort of things do you miss from your Amish lifestyle?

99% of the time, not a thing. There are a few instances when I do miss little things like the delightful squeal that comes only from steel buggy wheels cutting through fresh snow when the temperature drops down to the single digits.

On the rare occasion when the power goes off I'm reminded how it was to never have to worry about that inconvenience.

I don't miss the dim noisy lamps we used to have, or the treks to the phone shanty when we needed to make a phone call, or having to pay someone $40. to take us to town, or the gas powered wringer washing machine and the all the hard work that came with doing the laundry. I don't miss the clothes, or really anything when it comes to the Amish lifestyle.

The reason we don't miss anything is partly because nothing forced us to quit any part of the lifestyle that we liked. We can still garden and preserve food like we used to. I can still use my sad irons if I want to and my host of cast iron cookware. We can still enjoy working and playing together as family, I have not felt the need to fill my house with pretty things that need to be dusted all the time.

If we talk about the bigger picture or community there would be a little more. Since the Amish applied the sermon on the mount directly to their lives there are things that I miss. There isn't as much trust and forgiveness found outside the Amish or plain circles and from what we have observed it seems people get their feelings hurt much more easily from simple little things.


  1. I had to chuckle over you not feeling the need to fill your house with stuff that needs to be dusted all the time. :) I agree.

    Referring to the last paragraph in your post, I'm reminded of something I heard a God-call minister say. He said there are three kinds of believers in every church - which are true believers, make believers and unbelievers. Of course, they're all there for different reasons, too. But the true believer stays with the Word of God no matter what comes up. I believe that's absolutely true. I think if we were all true believers there wouldn't be endless divisions and squabbles at church.

  2. That last paragraph reminds me:
    I bought a hat for my boyfriend* at Flying Cloud Hats in Intercourse, PA, but when I got back home, we found it was just a little bit too big. So, the next weekend we went back up to exchange it, and it was a little culture-shock-ish to us that exchanging it was just handing off the old one, grabbing a new one, and saying "Thank you".

    * he's semi-Plain, and his old hat has turned all floppy after 10 years of use

  3. Thanks for sharing! I think your answers to the question reveal the reasons many of us "english" are so interested in the Amish. We are attracted to the simple way of life, the trust and forgiveness you do appear to have and your protection of the family and the importance to work and play together.

  4. I agree with the comment by "Pearl of Great Price".
    Thanks for answering my question.

  5. Thanks for this fascinating answer. Your last paragraph is particularly thought-provoking. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Your closing paragraph in this Q&A is why I think I would like to get closer aquainted with the Amish. I would love the common goal with those I surround myself with. Just choosing to home school we seem to have ailianated several people including our parents who once supported us. They still are an active part of our lives, but they don't support our decisions or convictions according to how we believe the Father is leading our family. It's sad and hurful. Not to mention my Momma tends to pull out the "grandparents against parents" card. That one may be the hardest thing for me to choke down. I don't want our kids to have to figure out who to "side" with yet she wants them apart from me. So, the sence of community and everyone trying to live what they are taught on Sundays would we wonderful! Have a blessed day and thanks again. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!


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