Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Wedding ~ Part Four

As soon as the last notes of a wedding hymn faded we rose and walked to the little room where I quickly got my shawl and bonnet and then we started walking home. We tried to hurry in order to get there before the guests started arriving.

Several vans passed us before we got home but we were safely inside the house by the time the buggies started arriving. Daddy had set up numerous makeshift hitching places for people to tie their horses and they started filling up fast.

Our big diningroom table was piling up equally as fast with gifts. LV and I started opening them until Daddy came to tell us that it was time to go eat. Walking down through the basement and then out through the snow we entered the showroom where tables were set with the prettiest china we could find. We sat on the chairs we had placed for us and watched as Daddy started directing guests to their seats. The bishop and ministers were seated first. Usually they sat directly opposite of the bridal party but I couldn't bear the thought of having them directly in front of us and so we had made sure that there were no plates or benches across the table from us.

Daddy wheeled Grandpa in on his wheelchair and let him sit next to the bishop and closest to us. I was happy that Grandpa got to sit there. Somehow it made it seem extra special.

Once everyone was seated the bishop announced that it was time for prayer. The happy noise of talking and laughter ceased as everyone bowed their heads. Raising his head it seemed to have a domino effect as people raised there heads and started talking again.

Table waiters started bringing bowls of steaming food to be passed around the table. We had our own special server to take care of us and two special cooks who had prepared our favorite foods. But I wasn't hungry at all. Once everyone was done eating the table waiters quickly cleared the tables while the guests remained seated and Daddy and several of the uncles passed out songbooks.

For the next several hours we had to sit there and listen to them sing. How I wished I could we could get up and go back to the house but there were enough uncles and visitors from different communities who each wanted to sing their favorite church wedding songs the way they did in their community. They were sitting  in a place that blocked our discreet escape and we had no choice but staying seated. Church songs were fine in church but pure agony anywhere else.

Trying to tune them out we sat and visited with our attendants and hostlers until finally after several hours we had an opening and were able to leave the table leaving the men to continue their singing for as long as the wanted to.

To be continued


  1. I have to compliment you on your writing skills. The descriptive style you use makes the reader feel they have attended your wedding as a guest, also! Very enjoyable reading!

  2. What is a "hostler?".
    Your wedding sounds interesting. It sounds though like there were several things you would do different though.

    I guess the end result was good and LV!

  3. Well Mary Ann,I'm afraid I may have made a break for it and made my excuses and said I needed a call of nature!(for a break at least!)Phew!As for having the ministers sitting near you? After their pep thank you! ;)

  4. The tale just gets more and more interesting!

    I feel like I am beginning to hear a dissatisfaction not with living apart and simply but with the creed and the hierarchy of the church. Was it during this time that you (and, I assume, LV) first began to feel dissatisfied? I know this wasn't the point of your break with the church but I do wonder if this was a little crack at the start.

  5. I am enjoying your story so much.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. your story is very interesting. you have done a beautiful post that is very detailed thanks rose

  8. Just catching up on your journey and enjoying the ride! I'm looking forward to more! I'm so glad our paths have crossed. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Happy Valentine's Day and Blessings!

  9. From reading your blog for some time now, I'm struck at how secretive the Amish community is, from silent prayers, to courtship practices, to engagement announcements, what's said behind closed doors before a wedding and even who's in the bridal party. Is there a reason? Tradition? To avoid prideful displays or gossip? I'm curious to know! :)

  10. Groan!!! All that singing! Couldn't any of them remember what it was like to be young and excited and full of joy. I'll bet you were just dying to be talking with all your guests and laughing in the moment from happiness. I'm sorry but they seem like their own worst enemies for young folk. Celebration has so many definitions it seems.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and following it! I am so glad you stopped by because I probably never would have found your blog... it is beautiful! After reading this post I had to go back and start at the beginning. I can't wait to catch up!

    In Christ's love

  12. I love your writing, I can see why you've been published, your story needs to be a book.
    Do you have photos from your wedding?

  13. As always I enjoy your memories. I definitely think Amish are taught Patience from a young age! Very Interesting!
    until next time... nel

  14. Ah, the things we endure because we have to and the love that endures because God loves us :-) I am enjoying your blog, SO much but I guess you know that by now!

  15. Although some of us were not raised Amish, there are still bits & pieces of your life story that we can relate to...the pros & cons of tradition, the generation gap, the thrill of young love, the togetherness of family, simple living, enjoying God's creation etc and others that we are most intrigued to discover. Your honesty and self-disclosure are refreshing to us readers and hopefully therapeutic for you, the author, as well.


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