Friday, February 18, 2011


Right after breakfast on that Monday morning LV ran across the fields to go bring his tractor and one of the hay wagons to load all of my things on to take to our home. I helped Mom clean the breakfast dishes away for one last time and then went to my room to make sure that everything had been taken care of.

It felt funny as I stood there and looked at my room and realized I could no longer call it mine. The delicate blue walls would silently keep all my happy girlhood memories. I got my shawl and bonnet from the shelf in the closet and went back downstairs.

It wasn't long before LV came with the tractor and wagon and everyone helped load. Once everything was loaded. I climbed up onto the tractor to sit on the fender while LV drove. Mom and Daddy and the boys would come in the buggy to help get everything unloaded and settled in.

We would have to live in the upstairs of the house until LV's parents moved to Missouri several weeks later. They had turned one of the bedrooms into a kitchen complete with running water and built shelves in the closet for my pantry. I would have to use the same refrigerator that his mother did on the sunporch.

Grandpa Masts had loaned us a small two burner stove with a separate oven that could be lifted on and off when ever I wanted to bake something.
Another larger bedroom was turned into a living room. We had purchased a sofa and recliner already and with LV's roll top desk and my sewing machine and an old buffet it looked quite inviting. Mom helped get some things unpacked to make it look more homey and then we concentrated on the kitchen. Most of the dishes were unpacked and put away as well as my pantry filled before it was time for them to leave.

Mom was blinking back tears as she said good-bye and added that she hopes I'll still remember to come visit them sometimes.  It really seemed to soak in then that life would never be the same again. This would be my home now and I could only visit my parents from now on.

I didn't have time to feel sad about it for more than a few minutes. It was time to make lunch and I would get to try out using my own things to prepare a meal for my husband.  Husband, I loved that word and was sure that I could get used to this new life easily.


  1. Husband, it is such a good word! :) I've been able to say that for 14 yrs now. I love it.
    The stove you showed is something like I used on top our woodstove one winter. Our power went out for 7 days during an ice storm and I used that to make our meals. We were quite cozy as we heat our house with a woodstove and try to live simply anyway. Family came to our home to survive life without power for 7 days. We weren't phased at all. In fact, it was a blessing. (All except doing the laundry by hand) LOL

  2. What a sweet, sweet story. It reminds me of reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder setting up her first home.

    I noticed you mentioned a tractor? I wasn't aware that Amish could have or use them? But how nice you could move your things that way!

  3. Family history in the making! And it's very nice to meet you.

  4. A very well done story. Moving is never easy and trust me i know because i had just moved from Florida to penn a few mos ago.ILL put this site on my favorites. Richard from Pennsylvania.

  5. Each of your posts in the wedding/moving series have brought back some not-so-distant memories for me, too. As usual, I find many of our thoughts and feelings were the same.

  6. What a sweet story. Truly. And I agree. "My Husband" are wonderful words. :o)

  7. I have enjoyed reading your story! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Your stories come to life in my mind....thanks for sharing the picture of the stove....blessings

  9. Such a sweet story.
    It sounds a little like my story except we had a moving van instead of a tractor and I was moving 8 hours away from home.
    But, I still love the word 'Husband' and I still love cooking for him:)

  10. You came by my blog today and left a comment, so I wanted to stop by. This is so nice and so interesting. I'm going to send a link to my daughter, who loves everything Amish.

    So nice to make your acquaintance.

  11. Beautiful writing Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing all that you have. I have one of those ovens too. Unfortunately it won't fit atop my woodstove with the flue situated where it is. Maybe this spring that can change.

    Have a beautiful weekend...and very sorry to hear about your goose :(

  12. I love that stove! Never seen one like it before. My great-grandmother had a wood cooking stove and I loved that stove. And the alcohol on in the same kitchen my grandmother cooked on during the summer. I used to think they were both so neat...though by that time my g-grandmother was deceased and my grandparents had moved to another home with an electric stove. Often wonder what happened to those stoves. The people who bought the old homeplace turned the kitchen into a family room and dining room into a kitchen.

  13. so sweet to read...
    thanks for stopping by Nettie's! I am gonna follow this blog now, as i love the way you write, feels like i was there!

  14. Your post made me cry...maybe it's my own memories of leaving home to start my new life with Hubby in a new home. or perhaps is looking to the future and knowing that one day I will have to let my own little girl go. Blessings, Joanne

  15. It's like playing house only for real! I loved that time and it's so fun to read about your special time as well. ♥

  16. Thank you for your comment on Whatever He Says. What an interesting story you have to tell.

  17. Maryann, you describe your feelings well as you made this step into married life. Wow, all the details make it very real. I like the description of you leaving "your" room for the new, married life you were entering.

    Very nicely done!


  18. What an interesting stove! I have started reading your posts from the beginning and have really enjoyed them!
    Have a blessed Lord's Day,

  19. We had an oven similar to yours which we took on camping trips. My dad set it on top of our Coleman stove and we cooked all sorts of muffins and such. Not too much time for "long-winded" meals when you are on the road, but it was really handy.

  20. What a beautiful story! I truly enjoyed reading that little snip-it of your life. You should write a book of your own it sounds like you have had a fascinating life and your writings are very poetic. When I get some spare time I hope to sit down and start at the beginning of your posts.

    I actually came to say thank you for complimenting the new batches of soap.

    Have a blessed day.

  21. Thanks for the comment on my cupcakes. I have read quite a few of your posts and am fascinated! I'm loving your blog!

  22. I really enjoyed reading this post that you wrote. Actually, I have read down further, too, and am captivated by these stories of your life in the Amish community! You write so beautifully!

    Thank you so much for stopping by Beautiful Nest and for saying hello. I am so glad that you did, because now I know about your blog! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful night!



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