Monday, July 26, 2010

When It Rains....

..... it pours. And I'm not speaking literally.

We have had an exceptionally busy week with things basically piling on top of each other. I have a hard time trying to decide which things are important and which can wait a little while.

I finally managed to wrap up the most pressing things and just came back from a little walk to the barn with my daughters where we discovered there are numerous schools of fish travelling down the creek. We had to stand and watch them for a while until I noticed a big patch of jewel weed growing on the banks. The plants were loaded with pods and remembering how much fun I used to have with them as a child I had to take a few minutes to show the children how when you lightly pinch the end the whole pod explodes into delightful little curls.

After we popped all the pods we could find I came back to the house feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle everything life has been throwing at us.

I hope you can be patient with me as my time online will be very limited for a while. I can't wait for things to slow down a little and I can visit your blogs again.


  1. i think pod popping sounds like fun whether you are a child or not. glad you did it with the little darlings!

  2. I had to google jewel pods and finally found what they look like -I don't think they grow in Colorado if they did I would be hunting them down and letting my kids have fun with them.

    I look forward to each new post you put up - reading them is one of the highlights of my day!

  3. I've never popped a pod that sounds fun!
    I totally understand the lack of time and things piling up - Good luck getting life organized!

  4. My mother had Jewel Weed growing in her yard and she showed my kids how to pop them. They loved it too.
    You had a good day. We need those kinds of breaks in our work.

  5. Keep that Jewel weed handy. It's good for poison oak/ivy and stinging nettles.

  6. Jewel weed, I will have to check that out and see if we have that here. Would be fun with the grandkids.
    When things get hectic it is always good to take a little time and enjoy what God has given us! It does give us a boost. From what I am reading we are all in the busy mode. I am cleaning my office ceiling today... such fun!
    until next time... nel

  7. Your priorities seem to be in order and I think ALL of us can respect that and completely understand. I've never heard of jewel weed, but I do know how fun it is to pop packing bubbles! ha ha Take your time and we'll be here when things are more under control ~ ♥

  8. I'm not familiar with jewel weed, but it just have been fun to pass on your childhood trick to your children.


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