Friday, June 25, 2010

The Coloring Contest

Every year a local store held a coloring contest for children under twelve. The prize was a twenty dollar gift card for their store.I used to enter every year and dream of what I would buy should I be the lucky winner. Year after year I always ended up disappointed when the winner was announced and it wasn't me.

One year the pictures were once again distributed and since I was too old to enter and my brothers David and Mahlon didn't want to color a picture I was ready to throw it in the trash when Ivan saw it and wanted to color it. I got the crayons for him and he sat down and painstakingly colored the picture. He colored the snowman orange and gave it a smudgy pink scarf. Almost everything was wrong and I knew there was no use sending it in to enter the contest. I had to admit he stayed in the lines very well for a three year old but that would never be enough to win.

Mom went ahead and sent it in for him anyway, and much to my surprise several weeks later Ivan was notified that he won the coloring contest. When his gift card arrived Mom and Daddy explained to him that he can buy whatever he wants to the next time they go to town. He didn't think very long and announced that he wants to buy a shovel just like Daddy has.

I was sure once he gets to the store and sees all the toys he would pick out something other than a shovel. As we entered the store he asked where the shovels are and we went back to where they were and he immediately wanted a big shovel. Right beside it was a smaller one much more his size but no, he had his mind set on a shovel just like Daddy has. After buying the shovel there was enough money left that he was still able to buy a a few things more age appropriate.

We were all happy for him and I wished there was one more chance for me to enter a coloring contest. I would try coloring everything wrong too.


  1. You just never know do you!
    I think it is cute that he wanted a shovel - Your dad must have been a great example to his boys!

  2. So cute that he wanted to buy a grown up shovel! I'm afraid I would have chosen something of far lesser value if I would have had a $20 gift card to spend at three.

    I think that's great and shows a great character being built at a young age.

    Another great post. I enjoy them so much!

  3. Great story. This reminds me of when I took my oldest son, then 4, to the store to buy cowboy boots like his dad's. He cried when the salesman brought out little bitty boots. He had his heart set on boots JUST like Dad's, size and all.

  4. Is'nt it neat how little boys want things just like Daddys.

  5. Very cute story. What did he do with his big shovel?

  6. This is such a sweet post that you haved shared! How blessed...your daddy must have felt! Thank you for heartwarming! Weekend blessings to you! Teri

  7. Doesn't that just take the cake!?? That's too funny! I've just been looking at some past posts - it's been a little too long since I've visited - so sorry about that! I am SO going to try that apple dumpling recipe and I know just the blog it came from (who tried it on her family) - love her (and PW, too!). Have a good weekend ~ ♥

  8. Oh your post made me smile. We just never know what might tickle a judges fancey do we? For a three year old to color inside the lines is really quite amazing regardless of what colors he uses.
    Thank you for a sweet post.

  9. Ahhhh, the memories of youth! What a wonderful story & to have a shovel just like his Father's ... too precious!

    Thing sin life aren't always black & white, are they?

    I am trying to catch up on your fabulous writes that I'm behind on ... they bring such joy to my days.

    Have a lovely & safe 4th, sweet friend.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Hello, friend,
    Loved your story!! I am sure the judges thought your little brother deserved the award for using his imagination as a three year old. I love the fact he stuck with his idea of wanting a shovel just like your daddy's shovel. Wishing you a blessed week, and I can't wait to try your apple dumplings recipe. Vicki


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