Thursday, March 11, 2010

School Hike

Every spring, a few weeks before school was dismissed for summer vacation the teacher would pick a day for our annual hike and picnic in the woods.

Right after our usual scripture reading and songs we would all grab our lunches boxes and head down the hill behind the school house, across the creek and into the woods. There was a perfect spot in the woods where a creek ran through, there was a nice pond surrounded by lots of hemlock trees and mountain laurel bushes were scattered throughout the woods. Once we arrived at this spot we would stash our lunch boxes under a tree and start playing games. Some of our favorites were Hide and Seek, and a pioneer game we invented.

There were so many great places to hide. The big mountain laurels were excellent since they were filled with glossy leaves which made hiding under them perfect. Once we got tired of that we would go hunting for the little red berries that were almost tasteless, but quite edible. We girls would gather as many as we could while the boys tried to build a bridge over the creek and catch minnows in it's shallow waters.

It was so much fun playing, that the day never seemed to last long enough, we would head home tired but happy. The following day we used to have to write a report about our hike which wasn't nearly as fun but worth the effort since it was a required part of taking the hike which was one of the highlights of every school year.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and hearing your stories about your Amish life growing up. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have started reading yours from the beginning and have made this part of my "ME" time when I can. I try to take my homeschooled children out on "field trips" like this when I can and I also try to get them to write about it the next day.

  2. I can imagine that all the children were thrilled to be out in the woods and just having fun!

  3. What fun everyone must have had and what wonderful memories to hold onto.

  4. Aloha,
    Lots of Hiking here in Hawaii, my kids love it, but they have to fight the bugs a little. I love that you are sharing your childhood memories, it's so important to journal and also leave your history for your posterity.
    I think for them to love us is to know us...You inspire me to keep journaling through my blogging.
    Thank you fro your wonderful journey
    sending Hawaii sunshine and hugs

  5. Love the seems our culture has lost sight of enjoying the free and precious gifts God has given us! Simple is always better and our Father delights when we joy of His creation! :o)


  6. A fun look back on those happy days.

  7. Lovely memories to hold on to. Our Sunday school used to have an annual picnic which was always fun.

  8. Our house backed to a park with woods and a creek and it never got old - LOTS of fun. I bet you all never ran out of things to do!! ☺

  9. My sweet friend, playing catchup with you, once again. I love the barn sleep over ... we did things like this in our yard or on the front porch ... noises that normally would not bother us were heightened in the nights we slept outside.

    When we were in school we had a play day where we brought a packed lunch & played a ba-zillion games on the school grounds ... tho different, our lives were not so different.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  10. That does sound fun and sounds like a wonderful spot to be in, I wish I was there now sitting on my picnic blanket with my toes in the stream water, have a great weekend.


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