Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Which I Learn .....

Ever since Mom had a Country Air story published in the Pennsylvania Farmer magazine we looked forward to reading that section even more. One day when we came home from school we noticed that the latest issue had arrived. We hurried to change our clothes and then settled down to read it.

This time it was about a man that had a bull that he couldn't fatten, so he finally fed it a lot of bran and then just before it was time to take him to the sale-barn he let him drink water, the bull of-course bloated up and he got a nice price for him. The new owner was disappointed when a few hours later his nice bull was very skinny again.  For some reason this story and the way it was written really amused us and I tucked it away in my memory for future reference.

Several months later Mom's brother David and his wife Barbara came to visit us one Sunday afternoon. They had been married for almost a year, and I always enjoyed having Barbara around. She was so pretty, her laughter so musical, and she always made sure to visit with me personally. She was fast becoming one of my favorite aunts.

Today how ever I noticed that she no longer looked as slender as she used to. She was still fun to be around though and the afternoon was passing by with everyone visiting pleasantly, when all of a sudden I blurted out. "It looks like Uncle David fed bran to Barbara."  The conversation stopped as Barbara turned bright pink and Mom looked absolutely horrified. Daddy quickly started talking about something else and Mom asked me to come help her mix up a fresh batch of lemonade.

When we were by ourselves she explained that David and Barbara would soon have a baby and that is the reason why Barbara looks that way. I felt mortified that I had opened my big mouth, and was sure I couldn't go back to where everyone else was visiting and face Barbara after I had been so rude. Mom told me to help serve the lemonade, as I handed the glass to Barbara I was relieved to note that she didn't seem upset with me as she smiled her usual bright smile as she thanked me.

I was quiet for the rest of the afternoon as I mulled over the many questions I had to ask Mom once I got an opportunity.


  1. This made me laugh until the tears rolled down my face.

  2. Oh my, what a story. Had a few embarrassing instances like that when I was growing up. Why is it that they stick with you so long? Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings and happy weekend,

  3. Oh I am sorry, I am still laughing. But I can just imagine how you felt. Thanks for sharing.

    until next time... nel

  4. Chuckle time! I can imagine this, as I've done similar things as a child ... Mother said it was hoof & mouth disease!

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    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. That one made me HOWL. :-D But it must have seemed so logical to say in your little girl mind. I give your mother credit for handling the situation so tactfully.

  6. What a cute story...and how honest and innocent are children!? I mean, to a kid, it all made sense. I sure do love how you can tell a story.

  7. This is precious! You were just an innocent little girl using a phrase you had learned. Cildren often do that and its usually funny.

  8. Funny post! :) Isn't that what is so real about children?They say it as it is!

  9. Out of the mouth of babes come questions and truth.

  10. I love your stories. They are so full of innocence yet there is the ever increasing growth and exploration of the world around you. Our children cannot enjoy the safety of mind and body that each generation before them knew. I think it is important to record the way things once were so there is an example for our children of an easier, maybe better, way.

  11. You have the sweetest stories to tell. Children are just so open, in the most innocent way. You learned a lesson that day, but how nice it was handled and it is a nice memory for you to share.

    You have such a gift for telling your stories. They always make me smile.

  12. That was so cute! I'm sure you did have quite a few questions for your mom later. :) It's a shame pregnancy doesn't go by as quickly the passing of the bran bloating. :)

  13. OH HILARIOUS!!!! Ever get that foot out of your mouth??? ha ha I look like I ate bran and there's no baby on the way ~ ☺

  14. Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh and it sure felt good thanks so much that bull story is a hoot !!

  15. I loved this was so funny..But at the same time I was feeling sorry for you..When I was a little girl, I remember getting myself in the same situtions like this...I would just want to run and hide somewhere..LOL


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