Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nice Kitty

As spring came and warmer weather arrived it made tagging along with Daddy at choretime much more fun.

Along with spring arriving so did baby goats and several litters of kittens.. It was fun watching the kids play with each other as they ran and jumped around the barn and climbed the haystacks bleating happily the whole while.The baby kittens were so cute that I had a hard time leaving them in the barn with their mother.

One evening we were once again in the barn while Daddy was doing the chores. John and David were running with the kids when one of them managed to run out the barn door into the lean-to. The boys quickly followed it to bring it back to the barn. It didn't them very long to bring the kid back inside but they turned to go back outside again announcing that there is a nice black cat underneath a pallet that they want to bring into the barn.

They were gone for quite some time and then came back inside and asked Daddy to come help them that they can't get the cat to come out. Daddy went to help them and in no time they were back in the barn. What had appeared to be a cat was actually a skunk and the boys had been poking at it with a stick and tried pulling it out. The only reason they hadn't been sprayed was the skunk hadn't been able to raise it's tail.


  1. Oh good heavens!!! A POLE CAT!!! Yikes!

  2. LOL! Whew; they sure got lucky! I hit one with my car once and even THAT was horrible.

  3. Oh Mercy!! How lucky they were it couldn't raise tail

  4. Wow, that stinks. ha ha Thank goodness they went and got your dad or that would've been one BIG mess!!!! You know that's one animal that I've never seen in true life. I've seen them dead on the side of the road and I've smelled them, but I've never seen a live one. I think that's a good thing, right?? Have a good one ~ ♥

  5. They sure were lucky! Country kitties sure do stink! Ha-ha!Sunny :)


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