Monday, December 21, 2009

Fruitcake Woes

My husband enjoys fruitcake. I on the other hand have encountered so many bad fruitcakes over the years some of which were so hard and dry that my little brothers converted them to footstools. So I do my best to avoid most of them. However several years ago I found a recipe for a fruitcake that takes 45 days to make from start to finish and I thought it actually sounded kind of good especially since it required me to candy the fruit myself.

I decided to try it. It was somewhat of a nuisance to have to remember to work with the fruitcake everyday for 45 days but the end result was worth it and I had a fruitcake that we all enjoyed.

I made it again this year and today was the day to bake them. This morning after breakfast I drained my homemade candied fruit and got my bowl ready to add the remaining ingredients when I got distracted by a ringing phone. Upon answering it I was dismayed to get rather disturbing news. Somehow the fruitcake got to sit awhile while I was thus distracted.

Once I finally got it mixed and poured into the cake pan I sighed a sigh of relief as I slid the cake into the oven. After the 75 minutes of baking time were over I went to remove it from the oven only to discover I had forgotten to turn it on. I took the cake out while I preheated the oven. After allowing sufficient time for the oven to get hot I went to slide the pan in and discovered that addled brained ninny that I am I again forgot to turn on the oven.

I turned it on. And this time I actually managed to heat it and my fruitcake turned out beautiful. Since I have only one pan and most of my day was gone already I put the remainder of the fruitcake ingredients into the refrigerator to be baked tomorrow. Who knows maybe a 46 day fruitcake might be even better than the 45 day one.


  1. lol. Surely a day can't make that much difference? Not after 45 days! I'm afraid this is one recipe I'll never try. Just remembering what day to use the yeast for sourdough was stressful enough! I hope you enjoy your cake though!

  2. You made me smile! I was relieved to read that it turned out beautifully and am sure the 46 day one will be good also. I have eaten tidbits of awful ones over the years, too. A couple years ago, I started thinking about making one myself, but it has never been high on my priority list. And doing something daily like that would be tough, but I could do it, if I had all the available ingredients here or at least something that would substitute. When you have time could you post the recipe? I would enjoy having it.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I'm so glad I was not the one who called you and distracted you in the first place.

  4. Good luck with day 46! I like a good moist fruitcake, but I've never made one that was any good.

  5. It sounds JUST LIKE something that I would do...45 days and I goof up on the most important day! I sure hope we get to see a picture of it so that we can let our mouths water...MERRY CHRISTmas if I don't get to talk to you again before the big day! It sure has been fun to get to know you this year!

  6. I'm sure it will be just fine! I would have forgotten about the cake by day 3. lol. So you did good.

  7. You know what people are called who take 45 days to make a cake?? Fruitcakes! HA HA HA I made it up - can you tell??? I'm with the one comment above that wants you to post a picture. You go girl - I'm proud of you that you followed through and did it - I'd just talk about wanting to do it and hope someone else did it so I could eat it! Sounds good to tell you the truth and very festive ~ ♥

  8. It sounds like you were just very busy and thinking of other things. It isn't always easy to multi task.
    I can't imagine a cake taking so long to prepare.
    I have pickle recipes that takes a long time and lots of preparation before they are edible though.
    I'm sure you and the family will enjoy all your hard work.
    Christmas Blessings!

  9. When I want a decent fruitcake (because I "hear ya" on having tried too many bad fruitcakes), I buy a Claxton. They're only $3 and one is enough to satisfy our hankering for a year. No muss, no fuss!

    I hope the news wasn't too terrible, though. I was concerned about that.

    - Sally

  10. I can't keep friendship bread going, so forget a 45 day fruitcake! Wish I join you for a slice, though. :)

  11. I don't think I'd ever be able to make a 45 day fruitcake.. but so glad that you finally got it in the oven today! Hope tomorrow goes smoother!! Have a blessed Christmas

  12. Please post the recipe for next year! I love a good fruitcake.

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  14. It sounds like you had quite an ordeal but it was worth it in the end.Now sit back and enjoy a slice of your creation.Happy Christmas.

  15. Would you please share your fruitcake recipe?

    I never made one. A dear lady who was wife of man who worked with my husband would give us one each year. She made hers in a loaf pan. She's deceased now and not a Christmas we don't miss it.

  16. I'm so glad that I'm not the only person that does that!
    Usually I forget to turn on the clothes dryer!
    Glad your fruitcake turned out good.
    Sunny :)

  17. I am always doing that. Or when I go to cook something on the stove top I turn on the wrong burner. I think we as mom's just get so busy we develop a sort of ADD. My brain is so overloaded with my lists it is a miracle I haven't walked out the door without my pants. :)


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