Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Reading ... In the Bible I finished the book of Ezra this morning. In other books I read First Lie Wins on a recommendation. I wasn't sure what to expect going into it, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The ending felt a bit rushed, as if the author tried to tie up all the loose ends in a few pages. But after not having any good books for a while this one filled that void quite nicely.

Writing ... addresses. Rosie Mae penned names on the envelopes of their wedding invitations in calligraphy, and I helped out by adding the addresses in non fancy hand writing.

Watching ... Steven and I have been watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie after lunch. It has been quite a few years since I last watched them, and I have a bit of mixed feelings this go round. I love Ma Ingalls and find her quite inspirational, but I have a hard time agreeing with almost anything Reverend Alden has to say.

Listening ... to the dryer clanking away in the laundry corner. It's almost 18 years old and has acquired some sounds it didn't have in the beginning.

Baking ... I want to try my hand at making a watermelon curd to use in filling donuts later this week.

Cooking ... tonight I'm keeping it simple and making fish with a seasoned panko coating, and a salad.

Feeling ... happy, energized, and ready to get things done.

Disliking ... coming across plastic bags with dog "litter" along trails when we're hiking. I get that people love their dogs and enjoy hiking with them. It's admirable that they are willing to pick up after their dogs. But really, it would be less litter if they allowed nature to take care of it, rather than wrapping it in plastic and leaving it beside the trail

Loving ... raindrops on flowers and other plant life.

Playing ... other than several rounds of air hockey, games haven't been played much this past week.

Cleaning ... I'm concentrating on doing a deep clean of the house. I'm hoping to get started on Steven's room tomorrow. His wardrobe needs an update while I'm at it. He's really been growing lately. It seems every time I turn around his clothes are already too small. 


  1. I loved catching up with you and all your latest news. Thanks!

  2. I wasn't exactly sure what watermelon curd was but my friend Google told me. Now I think I need some.

  3. I have had dogs all of my life.
    When I go on vacation they go.
    I always leave my room or cabin cleaner than when I got there.
    I carry baby wipes and poop bags iny purse. Why in the world would you leave you bags of poop on the trail.
    Take it and throw in in a trash can.
    That's rude.
    I've seen people throw baby diapers all over as well.
    Who raised these people?

  4. Enjoyed the gentle sweep through your world as I read your current "Currently". Always enjoy reading what you have to share. The watermelon curd sounds most interesting - have never heard of it. Will you let us know how it tasted inside your doughnuts? Happy Day!

  5. I always enjoy reading about what is happening in your world. But, I still can't help laughing about Stevens comments on your kitchen yesterday on facebook. He has quite the sense of humor and remarkably brilliant!


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