Thursday, October 12, 2023


Reading ... I'm on an unfortunate string of duds right now. They're barely good enough to keep reading, but somehow I keep slogging on while I wish I had a great one to dive into. My list of requested books from the library has some promising ones on it. I'm picking them up tomorrow and look forward to a relaxing weekend that hopefully breaks this string of meh books. 

Writing ... is slow at the moment. Life seems to be handing me way too many distractions lately. It's good as far as life goes, but bad when it comes to writing. So far this week I removed a sentence of thirteen words in my current work in progress and replaced it with one that contained a mere five words. Not exactly the direction one wants to go when doing a writing project.

Listening ... recently I listened to an audio book. The Incredible Winston Browne by Sean Dietrich. It was fantastic. So good that when I got done I knew I have to get a physical copy to add to our home library to be enjoyed again and again. It was as if the best of Mayberry met the best of L.M. Montgomery and viola you got The Incredible Winston Browne.

Baking ... Rosie made some cinnamon twists with a maple coffee icing earlier this week, and later today I want to bake some herb dinner rolls.

Cooking ... for dinner tonight I will be making turkey meatballs with a cranberry based sauce, baked potatoes, a tossed salad, and the aforementioned herb dinner rolls.

Feeling ... content, happy, and hopeful. There's something about fall that brings on those cozy content feelings. Sometimes I wonder if they're leftover from the days when we had a huge garden and all summer was almost exhaustingly busy taking care of it while canning and preserving foods. It was always a relief when the last jar of food was placed on the can shelves, the garden empty and ready for winter, and we could finally do all the things we didn't have time to do during the busy summer months.

Disliking ... how fast the leaves are falling from the big maple tree here in front of the house.

Loving ... the beautiful colored leaves, the brilliant blue skies, the fluffy white clouds, and the crisp cool air that makes up a perfect October day.

Playing ... Steven and I have been playing a variety of games. Trekking Though History is his current favorite. Partly, I'm assuming because try as I may I have never yet been able to win. Dragonrealm, Tally-Ho!, Sleeping Queens, and a few others have been enjoyed.

The most recent family game played was Love Letters. We all really enjoyed it.

Cleaning ... it's fall cleaning time of year. It's been progressing fairly nicely. I still have two and a half rooms to do plus the attic. Rosie was wanting to go through a bunch of the attic contents and her boyfriend offered to help her. I'm most happy to hand that project over to them.


  1. You certainly have been busy recently, and I loved catching up with you here, my friend. The book by Dietrich sounds fascinating! Nothing like a good mystery for entertainment.
    Enjoy every moment of fall!

  2. "...I removed a sentence of thirteen words in my current work in progress and replaced it with one that contained a mere five words. Not exactly the direction one wants to go when doing a writing project."

    Better to use a few well placed words to say what you mean than filler.

  3. I have been enjoying audio books lately while knitting and cross-stitching. I'm almost finished with Christmas gifts by doing this. All of the kids and grandkids are getting hand-knitted socks and a cross-stitch ornament with their name and year on it. The little grands are getting new sweaters while the older grands, (in college), are getting hats in their school colors as requested! I love being able to "read" while still getting other things done too. :-)
    I hope you have a wonderful Friday with no more store mishaps. Although you did make me laugh out loud as I read your Facebook post today.

  4. Hello! Your dinner sounds delicious. It is the perfect meal for a cozy day. I have a stack of books in my nightstand I am anxious to get to. I hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of good books and cozy time.

  5. Have you read The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth? It's a literary marvel and very entertaining. I don't often read a book more than once, but I did this one. Also, Ismael & Self-raised by the same author are topnotch. I purchased them from Lamplighter Publishing, but they can be read for free through several online websites.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. It is a fun read to read your blog. It is great that you seek for good things and sometimes books can just be duds. Keep on keeping on.

  7. I too seem to be in a reading slump, no books hold my attention at the moment, but I saw on another blog, the author Elizabeth Berg, and she writes like Anita Shreve did; a favourite of mine who sadly died in 2018. And as I treated myself to a new kindle, my 16 year old one stopped loading books I down loaded one and I like it. While I like physical books, my kindle is so easy to read in bed at night. Also The Woman who Lied has had me reading again. Well done on your Fall cleaning, fortunately that spurt to clean hasn't caught me yet!!Ha ha.


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