Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Mystery of the Cast Iron Skillet

    Almost two years ago one of my favorite cast iron skillets mysteriously disappeared. I searched high and low for it and was unable to locate it anywhere.

    Several months ago it equally as mysteriously reappeared next to the basement stairs, looking absolutely terrible. I'm not sure what it will take to restore it to its former condition. I'm sure it can be done, but so far the courage and will power to tackle that task has evaded me.

    I'm pretty sure there must be a story to the disappearance and reappearance of this skillet. So far though no one has given the slightest hint they know anything about it. 

    I have the feeling it may be one of those cases where years down the road as the siblings sit around reminiscing, the story of a cast iron skillet may surface. They will all laugh as the one responsible for the mystery will end the story with the phrase, "and Mom never knew."


  1. We use cast iron pans frequently; my husband would go nuts if one of them went missing.
    Blessings and good luck restoring it!

  2. Kind of funny. You can restore it but you are right it is a job.

  3. Isnt it odd how things mysteriously disappear!

  4. Things are always disappearing and reappearing around here. Good luck restoring it. I usually give that job to my husband.

  5. Things like that happen here, but usually the culprit is my husband. haha

  6. I had an antique quilt do that one time. Strange as all get-out. And, I still don't know where it went!! or who was responsible.

  7. New here and I really like your blog!
    I've had a few items mysteriously disappear, as well...never to be found!

  8. Nothing to do with losing something, but when my sister and I (the eldest of 6 siblings) learned to drive, we used to chauffeur the younger kids around to places (or just let them tag along).

    My parents did not find out until years later that we would look at the younger siblings in the back seat and say, severely, "What's the first rule of the road???"

    Expected response? "Don't tell Mama and Daddy anything!"

    We all survived.


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