Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Reading ... the Psalms again. They're so restful and encouraging. I enjoy soaking them in every morning.

My stack of library books are beginning to get old. Had I known the last time I was at the library would be the last time, I would have maxed out the limit of books (100) I can have out at one time. The girls say they would have done the same.

I also would not have checked out these two books for Steven, had I known I would still have them in my house two months later.

Yesterday the mail brought a surprise package from a friend. This book was inside. I haven't read it yet, but from what I've gathered after flipping through it a little, it looks good.

Watching ... not much of anything. We have a few DVDs here that I keep thinking I want to watch, but so far I haven't got around to do it.

Listening ... to the happy, happy sound of birds singing. The air is filled with their songs this morning. Robins in the spring time have some of the prettiest songs. The phoebe birds are calling, and a number of other song birds that I haven't identified are singing their little hearts out. All these different songs happening at the same time make beautiful music!

Thinking ... in order to be able to say 'I told you so' I would actually have to voice my opinion first  for it to mean anything. But in a world of shouted opinions I prefer to keep mine to myself and instead focus on the sweeter things in life. There's still beauty all around us, there are still funny moments, the simple things still bring me joy.  And Philippians 4:8 is still the same.

Wearing ... a polka dot dress. I like it, it's comfortable. The only thing that would make it better is if it had pockets. I have debated opening the seams at the side and putting in slip pockets.

Baking ... Yesterday I baked pie. I chose to make a Vanilla Crumb pie this time. I used to absolutely love this pie, so well in fact it was one of the pie we had for the bridal party at our wedding.

This is the first time I've made it since we're married. Making it yesterday reminded me why. It takes longer than I like with all its steps. Mix this, set aside. Boil that and set aside. Combine this and add boiled stuff, but careful! You don't want the eggs to curdle. Continue with this and that until pie is ready to bake. Make sure oven is lined with foil because it is guaranteed to spit over even though the pie shell is only about half as full as normal pie.

In the end it turned out to be every bit as delicious as I had remembered. The children wondered why they've never had this pie before as they enjoyed their piece. The recipe makes three pie, so they get to enjoy a few more pieces. I hope they savor every bite because it could easily take another twenty years before I want to make this pie again.

Cooking ... a lot of potatoes. We got a 50 lb bag of them, so I've been consulting Pinterest to help me come up with new ideas on how to prepare potatoes in hopes we get them all used before they start going bad.

Tonight I'll be making spiced potato wedges to accompany some leftover meat we have. A salad will complete the meal, and then there's of course still pie to be enjoyed for dessert.

Cleaning ... besides the daily dozen we've been doing a little extra everyday. Yesterday I went through the drawers in our big book cupboard in the living room. I emptied two of them and filled them up with little games. But now I'm not sure I like them there. I may have to redo them again today.

Playing ... an assortment of games, but most often Hoagie. A fun little sandwich building card game. Steven is competitive when it comes to games, and even giving it my best it's a challenge to win against him when we play Hoagie.

Loving ... our home and family. In a world that seems to be spinning out of control, I love having an oasis from it all.


  1. I so enjoyed your post today. I have never heard of that pie but it sounds delicious. It's a joy to read a post about someone who is so content at home with family during this crazy time. So many are "chomping at the bit" to get out and about again. Not me. I'm very happy at home. I've been busy sewing. Three new dresses in the past two days with one more to complete today. I've not doine any sewing for a couple of years and my wardrobe shows it.
    WIshing you a lovely day my friend.

  2. i find the Psalms a portion of Scripture that I can go to time and again. That pie does sound yummy.

  3. I love this peek in to what you're up to these days. My favourite part is the thing you're loving though.

  4. I have a song bird singing around midnight! He/she likes to really sing. I have tried to record him on my ipad and can hear a little of it.Am going to try to identify the species of a bird that sings at night. Sometimes he is annoying when I am tying to sleep!

  5. Oh, lovely to read of the cosy happenings in your home! ♥ I too have been working through the Psalms...they are so uplifting and encouraging, especially during these troubling times.
    We have noticed more bird life in our suburban garden over the past few weeks of delightful it is to listen to birdsong instead of traffic!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Psalms, birdsong, books, occasional baking, and obviously writing....we have much in common. Always wanted to tell you how I admire and enjoy your posts. God bless!

    1. Sorry, the above was me, Amanda Yoder, not sure why it got published unknown.


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