Monday, March 2, 2020

February Recap

    Life happened and February passed with only two blog posts. A record low for me.

  •     February started off great. My Mom called on the 1st and we talked for almost two hours, simply chatting and catching up with each other's lives. It was wonderful. That afternoon I tried the recipe for Poppyseed Pie. It looked absolutely beautiful once it was baked and we all looked forward to trying it after church the next day.

      As it happens ... Poppyseed Pie was not meant to be enjoyed. The filling was gelatinous, and even though an entire cup of sugar was in the pie there was a strong earthy almost bitter flavor. We all tried it, but we all ended up getting rid of our piece in ways other than eating it. It was the first and hopefully only fail in the 52 Pies challenge we're doing this year.

  • Monday the 3rd started off well, but took a distinct turn in the afternoon when an air tank exploded, injuring LV quite badly. As he was being transported to the hospital my Mom called again, this time with the news that my Aunt Katie had passed away. With what was happening here, the decision on whether or not to attend the funeral was made for us.

     The rest of the week dragged by with hospitals, doctors, surgeries, and what felt like endless hours of waiting.

  • There was of course all the eye care, and all that involved. I stopped in at the library and loaded up a stack of audio books for LV to listen to until his left eye had recovered enough to where he could do things other than just listen.
  •  At the encouragement of one of her friends Sharon made a guess at how many candies were in this jar the library had on their counter for a Valentine's Day contest. Turns out her guess was the closest. She had guessed 430, and there had been 433. She was happy to have won, but after tasting them, the jar simply became a part of the February decor in our schoolroom.

  •  I cooked more salmon in the month of February than I had in all our years of married life combined. I've found some new recipes that have become a favorite. One of them is glazing the salmon with several applications of Mike's Hot Honey.
  •  Another highlight of the month was the bridal shower for Kenneth's fiancée. It was absolutely lovely. I had to leave before it was quite over to go home and take care of LV's eyes. She's a sweet young lady, and was understanding why I had to leave early.
  • Sharon and I accepted a cleaning job. A semi truck that had been the 'home' of a driver who had smoked a lot. We were supposed to clean it out and hopefully remove most of the lingering odor. It was a most unpleasant task. We spent hours cleaning and scrubbing until it looked way better than it had. It was inspected by the people who had hired us and pronounced great and smelling clean, so we loaded up our cleaning supplies and came home where we immediately washed the clothes we had been wearing, showered, washed our hair, and brushed our teeth trying to get rid of the smoke smell that had latched onto us.

    Day by day we made our way through the month. I became way better and more comfortable caring for LV's injuries. Day by day we were so thankful that we are still all together, and for every little bit of progress of his healing.
     A few days before the end of February we were ecstatic when one morning LV opened his right eye and could see. It's still not back to where it had been, but going from completely blind one day to being able to know what your're looking at the next day is a huge jump in the progress of healing. We're thrilled! All glory and praise to God!


  1. Oh, wow! Glad to hear his sight is improving!

  2. Oh Hallelujah and praise to the Lord Most High! I have been praying that his sight would return. Thank you for this update on your month. It sounds as though it was full of highs and lows, much as life itself is. I'll continue to pray for a full healing of LV's eyesight.

  3. Praise God his right eye is seeing some again. Good to have an update. I've been praying for LV. Wendy

  4. WOW! That is quite the month. I hope that from here on things just keep getting better.Still praying for your husband and healing for him.

  5. So pleased ro heaar of improvements. It may take some time, but in God's goodness all will be well.

  6. Oh! So Happy to hear LV is recovering
    more of his sight x

    Condolences for the loss of your Auntie x

    Love and Blessings to All x x

  7. Praise the Lord! But so sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt. I hope March is an easier month for all of you. Still praying!

  8. I'm really thankful for the good news about LV!

  9. You certainly had a busy month! So happy to hear your husband is making such wonderful progress!

  10. Praise God that he is able to see! That is a horrible accident and I am thankful that he was not injured any worse.

  11. Praise the Lord that Elvin's eyesight is returning my friend!

  12. I'm glad to hear that LV's eyesight is improving! The power of prayer is real! Happy to hear that you had a nice long chat with your mother, too! However, sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing.
    Many more prayers being sent your way!

  13. Prayers of healing and thanks!

  14. Such good news. Praying the healing continues. You are so strong and a wonderful example to your family, showing them that any situation can be dealt with.

  15. The Squire and I are also simply delighted that LV can see from both eyes again. We can turn our prayers of supplication into prayers of thanksgiving. And I know all of us here cannot possibly be a glad as you and your family are.

    Good to see news about Kenneth again. You had told us he was engaged, and then he sort of disappeared.


  16. Continued prayers for LV. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Katie. God bless you all. 💛

  17. That's quite a month. Sorry for your loss, and sorry LV was injured in the first place, but really glad he's healing. I hope he continues to do so.

  18. Goodness, that's quite a month!
    What a blessing that LV can see with both eyes again, even if they're not where they were before. Our bodies are so amazing and God is so very good!

    Blessings as Kenneth's marriage approaches and LV continues to heal. Condolences on the death of your Aunt. So much all at once.



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