Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My Morning

     The grass was still wet with dew, and the morning sun had yet to rise above the horizon when I headed outside to take care of some work before it got too warm.  
      The girls were still upstairs doing their morning routine, so I didn't bother interrupting them to tell them what I'm doing.
     I finished up what I had set out to accomplish and was ready to head back inside, but first I had to wash all the grass off my feet.
    I went to fetch a pail to fill with water, only to discover I had accidently locked myself out. I checked our other doors. They were all firmly locked, as were the windows.
     No big deal, I'd simply ring the door bell and someone would let me in.     
     I rang the door bell. Nothing. I tried again, and again, and again. Still nothing. I made my rounds knocking on the doors, the windows, and then back to ringing the doorbell over and over.
         Finally after about an hour Rosie Mae lets me in, all apologetic. She and Sharon had been so busy praying for protection against this "crazed wannabe intruder" that it had taken them quite a while to come downstairs and discover that I was not in the house.
      I was glad to get inside, and the girls were relieved that the intruder turned out to be their somewhat exhausted mother.


  1. Wow...they have ultimate faith for sure...I do have to giggle that they thought you were an intruder.
    Great Life story.

  2. An hour! Oh my goodness! They must have been praying up a storm. So glad they finally let you in.

  3. It is refreshing to hear that their first line of defence was prayer.Also good to know you finally got in and all is well.

  4. My goodness, what an ordeal for you all. That must have a been quite the prayer.

  5. Golly! It's a wonder they didn't pray up the police!

  6. Sorry but that was a good laugh, at least they sided on safety rather than just answer the door.

  7. I had a good laugh with your story and also it was a blessing to read about them turning to praying in a dangerous situation.


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