Monday, March 4, 2019


Reading ... the book of Isaiah in the Bible.

I have several fiction books here to read, but every time I sit down to read I become overwhelmingly sleepy. That means I have two choices. Take a nap or find something more active to do. I always feel awful when I wake up from a nap, which makes my choice to find something more active to do an easy one. But it also means my stack of books to be read is not dwindling at a steady rate.

In non-fiction I'm enjoying several cookbooks, and a book on natural cleaning.

Writing ... sitting down to write is about as successful as sitting down to read. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.

Watching ... giant snowflakes drift lazily from the sky. I have nowhere I need to go today so I'm enjoying seeing everything get coated in a fresh layer of white.

Listening ... to a little sparrow chirping away in the tree in front of the house. The clock in our school room tick loudly as it counts off the minutes of another day. The steady hum of the furnace blower as it pushes a comforting heat through the floor registers and keeps the house cozy.

Eating ... avocado toast for breakfast. It's one of my favorite things to eat.

Cooking ... steak for supper tonight, as well as baked potatoes, and a salad. I have yet to learn to like steak, so I'll simply enjoy a lovely salad instead.

Wearing ... a green dress with white polka dots. I don't like wearing green, but guess what? When you order a lovely teal dress online and it arrives as green instead of teal you simply wear it anyway. Not out and about as I had planned, but it's okay for here at home.

Loving ... the houseplants on top of our roll top desk. I'm not sure how I'm doing it, but I'm actually keeping them alive and well. Up until a few months ago any houseplants we had always survived thanks to LV, but these new ones are thriving without his help.

Disliking ... when I waste card stock and ink. I had to print out several invoices this morning and forgot I still had the printer loaded with card stock from Friday when I had printed out some things for a class I'm teaching at our homeschool group. That meant I had to reprint everything on proper paper.

Thinking ... that words really matter. (It's a topic for another blog post ... someday)

Playing ... Steven received a box filled with special paper and instructions for making over 300 different styles of origami airplanes. We are folding one per day, and then trying it out. The flying of the airplanes is much more enjoyable than the folding. Some of them are quite difficult to make, but I'm happy to say my origami skills have grown by leaps and bounds since we started doing this.

Crafting ... other than those origami airplanes, nothing. We started our spring house cleaning which doesn't leave much time for things such as crafts.

Later today ... we will be spring cleaning the laundry corner which will complete the main floor of our house. That feels good, and almost cause for celebration before we head upstairs to do the bedrooms and storage room.


  1. I am working my way through Isaiah and recently made scrolls for the class I teach at Sunday school.

  2. You are one busy lady even when you get sleepy.
    I am currently working my way through I and II Corinthians. Its really not work. Have a great week.

  3. Reading through the Bible chronologically. I’m currently in Ecclesiastes. Not an easy book for me.
    I never feel very well when I wake up from naps either so I avoid taking them. The airplane folding sounds like a lot of fun. What a great activity to do together.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I loved this sort of "bullet-point" entry. I love seeing little snapshots like these into people's day. <3

  5. I enjoy your posts so much...I wish I could get some spring cleaning done. I would even be happy with some spring decluttering!

  6. I loved reading your little snippets of life today. Our adult Sunday school class has been reading through the Bible. We are up to Psalms now and sometimes we only get through 3 verses, due to the discussion. But, the discussion can be thoughtful, heart-wrenching, loving, insightful and more. I joined the church I am in now when I was 57. Before that, I was raised and was part of the Mennonite church. I have learned that it's not which faith you believe in, but it is your personal relationship with the Lord. He has kept me alive from a brain tumor operation, a reaction to an antibiotic and other things. I praise Him for being there always for me and giving me a chance to ask forgiveness. Thank you for your blog. It makes me feel happy when I read it. :)

  7. I get sleepy when I try to read the Bible. We both know how that works. A nice steak sounds good and Like you, I do not like like to wear green!!! but I will.

  8. Spring cleaning. Oh dear. I haven't heard that term in a while. My house really needs it.

    I just realized you've been blogging since 2009! I started in 2005 and we consider it our family diary. I wish I had found your blog earlier! I grew up Mennonite.


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