Monday, August 27, 2018


A few weeks after I started attending the singings with the youth group I was approached by one of my best friends after church. She told me she and her boyfriend Vernon, were planning to get married and wanted me to be one of her brides maids, and be escorted by LV.

I told her I would be honored to be her bridesmaid and wondered how it would seem to be at LV's side for an entire day. The wedding date was still several months away so I didn't think about it very much. 

The following Sunday our youth group attended church and singing in a neighboring district. Since it was more than an hour's drive they borrowed a few buggies to make that we wouldn't be crowded and have only two people in each buggy.

I got up early and was ready by the time LV drove into our driveway. It was a beautiful morning and the ride was pleasant. We hadn't been on the road very long before LV asked if Fannie had said anything to me about being escorted by him at her wedding. I told him I had already told her I would be happy to be her bridesmaid. He seemed pleased, and we continued visiting all the way to the Summit Mills church house.

After church I went home with some of my friends while LV went to his cousin's house. The afternoon passed swiftly and when evening came so did LV to give me a ride to the singing. I tried to sort my feelings out as we once again had a very pleasant ride. He wasn't like he used to be in school, and I actually enjoyed his company.

After the singing was over and we were on our way home I was happy that we would have a long ride together. This had been one of the best days I had ever experienced. As we rode through the night the horse didn't seem to be in any particular hurry and for once LV didn't seem to mind letting him walk uphill and down.

Once we got home almost two hours later I thanked him for the ride and he told me I was more than welcome. That he was looking forward to the wedding and the fact we would be able to ride together without Vernon before long.  I was thrilled to hear him say that and as I stepped off his buggy my foot missed the step and I fell in a heap on the ground. He jumped out to see if I was okay but I couldn't even look at him as I hurried to the house and up to my room. I was so humiliated that I had to ruin what had otherwise been a perfect day by falling off his buggy for the last thing.


  1. Although I wasn’t raised Amish, I remember the first time my now husband and I were alone. It was also at a church event. He gave me a ride there and back in his car. I felt so bad when I read your last paragraph. Mary Ann, it sounds exactly like something I would do. I’m glad the car I was in was closer to the ground than a buggy!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. How humiliating for you to fall like that. Obviously it didn't negatively affect his feelings for you though.


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