Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond 
1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Is there a flower you associate with a particular memory? Explain.

My childhood front yard had lots of shade, so Mom would fill our flowerbeds with shade loving Impatiens. I don't really have a particular memory I associate with them.

Yesterday I got to visit an Amish greenhouse and bought several trays of Impatiens. I'm looking forward to planting them under the big maple tree in front of the house.

2. Last time you helped someone? Tell us how.

If family counts, the last time I helped someone was this morning as I helped Kenneth get his lunch ready before he left for work.

3. It's National Salsa Month (the food, not the dance) so tell us, do you like salsa? Hot, medium, or mild? Homemade, store bought, or from your favorite restaurant only?

I'm not the biggest fan of salsa, but I will occasionally have some if it's mild. The salsa one of my friends makes is probably my favorite. I've never had salsa at a restaurant that I liked, usually it's too spicy for my taste.

4. When I was twelve years old...

I got to start shouldering a lot more responsibility. Gardening, laundry, housekeeping, cooking, baking, and more started being shifted my way more and more. Mom still helped and directed, but I was expected to continue when ever she had customers to care for.

5. It's the first of May so let's run with it-first things first, don't know the first thing about it, first dibs on something, first impression, first rate, first cousin, first string, first come first served, at first light-which phrase can best be applied to something in your life currently or even recently?

First things first ... is a phrase heard often in our house. Especially in the morning as we go over our plans for the day.

First cousin ... LV and I both have tons of first cousins. So many in fact that we don't know them all. Our parents came from large families, and most of their siblings went on to have large families, which means hundreds of first cousins between the two of us. Let's not even get into second cousins the sheer number of those makes my head swim.

We hope to get to see several first cousins later today.
6. Insert your own random thought here.

On Monday LV was working outside when he happened to notice a cow was about to give birth on the bank of the creek. And just like that the calf plopped down into the cold water. He jumped over the fence and ran to rescue it. As he reached for it he lost his balance and fell into the water next to it. Drenched from head to toe, he got up and lifted the calf out of what was sure to have been its watery grave and carried it safely to dry ground where its anxious mother took over her duties.

I had no idea what exciting things were happening until he came into the house looking all soggy. I'm sorry I missed seeing it all unfold, but happy the calf had its very own super hero.


  1. Sooo lucky LV was on hand to recue that poor calf! It looks as if both he and the calf got an impromptu baptism.

  2. I'd never witnessed a cow give birth until I started watching the Incredible Dr. Pol. Now I am a fan. I also took for granted that it just happened and that cows never needed help. I was so wrong. Anyway, I wish I had been there to see this too!
    Have a great day!

  3. Lucky LV was there to rescue the calf!

  4. In my mind LV is a hero! Have a good week.

  5. My mom used to plant impatiens in the shade too. So glad to hear the calf was rescued!

  6. We have a shady yard and always plant impatiens too. Such a pretty flower and it lasts all summer.
    Good for LV!


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