Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather..... is lovely. The sun is shining through the clouds and it's a balmy seventy-one degrees.

Right now I am .... sitting here at the computer trying to make a blog post while I wait for the next load of laundry to dry. Steven is on the floor beside me setting up his track to play with his cars.

On my reading pile ... my Bible. With school back in session it doesn't give me a whole lot of time for pleasure reading. I'll probably dig something out of the book cupboard tonight when I take Sharon to her piano practice, but as of now I'm not sure what it will be.

Movies or shows I watched this weekend ... the only thing I really paid any attention to this weekend was Battlebots. I never imagined I would ever want to watch fighting robots, but somehow it's something the entire family enjoys.

On my TV ... not watching anything at the moment. Later tonight there will probably be baseball, but I usually don't pay a whole lot of attention to it.

On the menu for this week ....

Monday ... Pork chops, mashed potatoes, applesauce.
Tuesday ... Comfort meatballs, broccoli salad, fried potatoes.
Wednesday ... Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Fried Rice, salad.
Thursday ... Pizza and ice cream.
Friday ... Steak, seven layer salad, sweet corn.

On my to do list ... the daily dozen, school, desk work, and hopefully some writing.

What I'm sewing, knitting, or creating ... I'm not working on any sewing or knitting projects at the moment, though it seems there is always something in the mending basket waiting on me. I can't even remember the last time I tried knitting something. Creating .... some fun desserts for later this week.

Looking around the house ... it's tidy, though t appears I should wash the windows again. There are several families of spiders that have laid claim to the outside of three of the windows and the mess they create is a constant battle trying to clean up.

From the camera ... we got to enjoy fresh sweetcorn. I'm not sure which was the best, the actual corn which was delicious, or the fun we had shucking it and feeding the husks to the cows.

What I'm wearing today ... a pink top and my favorite charcoal gray skirt.
One of my simple pleasures ... a warm chocolate chip cookie. They're once a week treats that we all enjoy.
Inspirational Quote, Bible Verse, anything you want to share ...
Several different hymns have been on my mind a lot these past few days as we grieve with friends who lost their 18 year old son in an accident.


  1. Thoughts and prayers for this family. May God comfort them with His love and peace. God bless. 💙

  2. Praying for your friends who lost their Son that they may find strength and healing to cope with this tragedy x


  3. I am sorry to hear about your friend! My condolences.


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