Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Rocking Chair

During my childhood and teenage years furniture came and went. Second hand rickety pieces were gradually replaced with new furniture that Daddy and my brothers made in our woodworking shop.

One thing that remained constant was Mom's comfortable hickory rocking chair. It was on this chair where I snuggled up in her lap while I was a wee girlie. All her children were rocked to sleep with it, every day until they outgrew the rocking to sleep phase. I can still almost hear her sweet voice as she sang lullabies as well as other songs.

It was on this rocking chair she sat every evening to read bedtime stories to us while the rest of us listened as we ate popcorn and apples.

I made the cover for it one year for Christmas.

When I received this grainy cell phone picture of it today I wasn't quite prepared for the wave of nostalgia that swept over me. Or how ridiculously happy I was to see she still has something I made in their house.

So many memories.


  1. That is lovely. I am happy you got that.

  2. I love rocking chairs, but they have to fit just right. I rocked our girls for MILES in our old rocker, and now my eldest daughter rocks her grandchildren in that chair.
    You're right - so many memories. Thanks!

  3. Photos and memories are funny that way, happily enough. I, too have things of my mom's (and a few from my granny) that still make me remember, and smile.

  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. God's light is shining through the window, making everything come round right. I'm so happy for you receiving the photo.
    I have a hickory rocker just like it. The curve of the backrest perfectly supports my back. Can't say I love dusting all the "twigs" on it, though.

  5. How lovely that your cover is still on the chair. So happy for you.

  6. How lovely that your cover is still on the chair. So happy for you.

  7. What wonderful memories. I'm so happy for you that she still has the chair and cover.


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