Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The best bouquets are those hand picked and delivered by someone you love.
Buddy has advanced from bringing me a single dandelion to little arrangements that I display and enjoy in the kitchen. A few nights ago he brought me this one from things he found growing in our back yard.

A nice big pink/purple clover. A few small white ones. A fern frond, some yellow flowers that I have no idea what they are, and an assortment of sizes of leaves from a mallow plant.

He loves being outside, and gathering pretty things for his Mama, so today I'll be joining him and we'll gather lots of mallow leaves to dry and use as tea.

When I was growing up we used to drink it when we had a cold or sore throat and then take the leaves we had used to make the tea and make a poultice with it for anyone that was afflicted with a chest cold.


  1. A lovely bouquet. I don't know why, but as kids, we used to eat that little green button thing and call it green cheese. Go figure. ( ;

  2. Lovely, sweet bouquet. I miss those days when my children brought me gifts from the yard. I know you cherish each one.

  3. Awe, how sweet! Did the tea taste like marshmallows? Are marshmallows made out of the mallow plant?

  4. My daughter and I are enjoying your blog. I love the bouquet!


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