Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feeding Cows

Yesterday Buddy was introduced to the joys of feeding cows. He had watched Sunbeam do it and I guess it looked like enough fun that he was sure he wanted to do it as well. At first he had needed a little encouragement from Sunbeam, those long, sticky, and somewhat sandpaper-y tongues seemed to be a little much at first.

By evening he had enough confidence to do it on his own.

Squealing as he presents another handful of grass to a friendly cow.

Laughing as he wipes his hand on his pants and watches the cow enjoy the tasty handful of grass.

Running back excitedly to get another handful while Sunbeam feeds her favorite cow, and Rosebud does some sketching.


  1. How lovely. What a great picture of a summer day with kids feeding cows.

  2. Wonderful fun summertime! It looks as though all of your children are enjoying these warm days.

  3. That is a lovely picture. He is getting so big. God bless. Would love my girls to be more outdoors but there are just so many mosquitos out here.

    1. He is getting big!

      Mosquitoes are such miserable little things! I don't blame your girls for not wanting to get eaten up by them.

  4. I love watching little ones experience the simple things in life for the first time. Precious!

  5. Another great memory! Wish I could hear him squeal with delight!


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