Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Time magazine has selected The Ebola Fighters as their person of the year for 2014. Do you agree, and if so who would you say is a close second? If you disagree with their choice, who do you think should have been chosen?

I don't care that they chose them as the person/s of the year. I'm guessing though the person that did the most good in 2014 is someone who hasn't received any recognition and only God knows who it was and what he/she did.

2. This question comes to you courtesy of Susan who blogs over at Stew Mama Says. She knows Joyce has a wedding happening any minute now, and she asks, 'What's your favorite-something old? something new? something borrowed? something blue in your home?  Be sure you hop over and say hi to Susan today! 

My favorite something old is a cookbook that is getting decidedly more spattered and worn every year.

Something new ..... a gift from my brother. I'll be using it everyday.

Something borrowed ..... nothing. I don't like borrowing things.

Something blue ...... a set of water glasses I use everyday.

3. Fudge-yay or nay? Your favorite flavor? Do you make it yourself? With nuts or without?  

Until only very recently I have not liked fudge at all. But then one of the Mom's at our church gave me some chocolate bacon fudge to try. It's delicious! I went home and did a search online for a recipe and hope to make a batch for Christmas.
4. December 17th is Wright Brothers Day, commemorating the first successful flights made by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  How old were you when you made your first flight? Do you like to fly? Have you ever been to Kitty Hawk or other parts of the North Carolina Outer Banks? 

I have never been in an airplane and have no desire to ever fly. I've also never been to the Outer Banks, but it's somewhere we want to visit in the next few years.

5. Do the people in your family tend to follow a particular career path, and if so what's the path?

Not really. In my family there are farmers, construction workers, business owners, logger, truck drivers, teachers, and even an inventor. The last one I'm not sure if I should feel proud, excited, or scared. The item being invented could change a lot of things and help millions of people, something I'm not convinced Uncle S_m would like since it appears money is all they focus on.

6. What is one thing you absolutely, positively must accomplish today?

Some sewing, and then dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant at our church.

7. This Christmas I hope_____________________.

We will have plenty of snow, and that everyone will be healthy.

Sunbeam has been sick for a few days already and I'm really hoping the rest of the family doesn't get what she has.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our phone is still not working, and I'm still not missing it. Our families know LV's cell number, any one else can email, so that only leaves telemarketers not being able to contact us and I don't miss them at all. Who knows..... maybe we'll decide not to have a house phone again.


  1. Now that fudge sounds good. I think I'd like having the bacon to cut the sweetness. I might hunt for a recipe too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I've been sick with laryngitis for a couple of days now and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Hope my daughter and hubby don't get it. Stay well!

  3. Seems like bacon is a big hit this year cooked several different ways, in several different dishes.

    Merry Christmas!!

    Stay warm and healthy!

  4. I'd have to agree with TIME magazine on this one. Each of those Ebola fighters put their lives on the line to help other people, and some lost their lives doing so. "Greater love hath no man..."

    I've flown, but, gosh!, do I hate it! It is like having babies - you might get used to it, but it never gets any easier.

  5. Hope your family stays healthy and your Sunbeam feels better. Bacon is all the rave these days. I'm so surprised at the things I hear it in, and fudge is now added to the list. Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Happy Holidays to you!! Hopefully everyone is healthy by Christmas! It's certainly no fun being sick during the best day of the year. ;(
    oh don't we all just love fudge!

  7. Never had bacon in my fudge but if it comes with chocolate it has to be good. Have a healthy merry Christmas.

  8. I fly quite often but can't say that I enjoy it much. You may be right about the house phone. Most of the calls we get are telemarkers. Our friends and family all call on the cell phones. I'll say a prayer that the rest of your family stays healthy and Sunbeam is well very soon.

  9. That fudge sounds great! Chocolate and bacon are two of my favorite flavors.
    Why don't you want to fly? It can be annoying, but it makes travel so much faster! And I personally enjoy looking at my hometown from above and trying to identify different buildings.
    Merry Christmas!

  10. I enjoyed not having a home phone, also, until we had an emergency! Now I just let the answering machine pick up. Hope you have an Merry, Healthy Christmas!


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