Monday, December 9, 2013

Fruitcake Day

After spending 45 days working on my fruitcakes the day finally arrived when I was supposed to bake them.

You would think after waiting that long on a fruitcake I would have learned the art of patience, but apparently not.
The cake on the left I inverted almost immediately after removing it from the oven and the poor thing broke into pieces, the children cheered, because that meant they would be getting to eat it much sooner.
Cake two cooled in the pan before I tried removing it and it turned out beautiful. Two down and one to go and my fruitcakes will be done until next year when I start the process all over.


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  2. Most people claim not to like fruit cake, but I love it! We used to have a family member who made them, but now that she is gone, I have to purchase my cakes. When I was (much) younger, and burning calories like a smoke stack, I once ate an entire five pound cake between Thursday night and Monday evening. I had it plain. I had it toasted with butter. I put cream chees on it and made sandwiches. Pure bliss!

  3. I understand, the childeren cheered!

  4. My brother served in Vietnam, and we wanted to send him something that would survive the trip. Cookies arrived as crumbs, so we thought "fruitcake"! We made one and it was a hit with him and all his buddies. We've been making fruitcakes ever since then. We love them! It annoys me when people make disparaging remarks about them. A correctly made fruitcake is wonderful!

  5. I'm sure your cakes are delicious. I'm not a fruitcake lover, but fresh made would be much better than those rubbery things you can buy at Walgreens!!

  6. Yummy! I did the same thing last week with apple cinnamon bread. I tried to turn it out of the pan much too soon and it fell all apart. The second loaf was fine.

  7. I've always been too scared to eat them because no one else seems to like them. Also, the "brickiness" of the ones sold in the store do not help the cause. Yours looks appetizing, though!


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