Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Outside my window ... it's a misty moisty type of day. And there is still a ridiculous amount of traffic going by the house due to the wind energy project.

I am thinking... about how I hope my ailing computer will still hang in there for a few more months and how I really need to catch up on backing things up in case it dies on me.

I am thankful .... for all the blessings in our life.

In the kitchen ..... chicken breasts are thawing in hopes that tonight I can try a new recipe I found on Pinterest.

I am wearing .... a charcoal skirt and a purple blouse.

I am creating .... several Amish little girl coverings. It is actually fun once again.

I am reading ..... Raising Boys is a Full Contact Sport by Rachel Balducci. It is a very fun, uplifting, and easy read. I can relate to almost everything having grown up with five younger brothers and now having sons of my own.

I am hoping ...  to meet my self imposed deadline for book four of The Adventures of Lily Lapp series.

Around the house .... it seems much too full after moving in a new, to us, sofa. I wish we wouldn't  have to wait until Saturday before our old one gets picked up.

One of my favorite things .... baby smiles and giggles.

Picture thought ....

Sullivan's Island was a lot of fun, but it is good to be home again.


  1. smiling with you ... the simple things in life always bring me the most joy.


  2. Book four! I can't wait to read the first one. You're quick, I must say.
    So, you went to the beach. Hope your swimwear shopping went smoothly. ;0)
    Have a great week!

  3. Magnolia Tea, Visiting the beach was a lot of fun but I only got as close to wearing swimwear as I probably would actually jumping out of a plane.

    I spent most of the time sitting in a chair watching the others enjoy the waves and gathering sea shells. Buddy was not at all enthused about the constant wind and blowing sand.

  4. Beautiful post! And I'll have to read that book. The boys were so busy today ....


  5. I just love posts like this... makes us feel closer.

  6. Why are you making little Amish caps? I used to make them to sell and there are times when I would love to sit down and make one again like we had in Holmes County, with all that fine pleating in the back and make the little bow to finish them off.

  7. *chuckles*
    That's exactly what I thought.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. :D

  8. Were you in SC? (Maybe it's a different Sullivan's Island.)

  9. Clisby, Yes this was in SC. We stayed at a friends house in Charleston. I think I enjoyed the straw market almost as much as the beach.

  10. I love living in Charleston. The part I don't love is the summer. I shouldn't complain - I loved living in Ohio, too, but I didn't love the winter. I need to win the lottery so I can have houses in both places.


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