Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Again

We were gone for a few days helping LV's brother and family  move since they will be taking care of the children who recently lost their mother to cancer.

I had been a little less than enthused about the idea of traveling so far with Buddy but he did really well and hardly cried at all.

Having to fuel up at truck stops isn't on my list of favorite things to do since so often things are dirty and ugly. We have had a dream for quite a while already of someday having a nice truck stop and have it as a welcome clean cheerful place for all those truckers who work so hard so the rest of us can live the life that we do. If it weren't for them grocery and all other stores would be empty. Almost every single thing we have there is a truck driver to thank for making it possible.

On this trip we stopped at the nicest truck stop I have ever been to. When we pulled up to the pumps I was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers next to each pump.

Inside everything was clean and nice as well and for the first time I left with out feeling grimy and icky. They were extremely busy and I can't help but hope they will consider opening more just like it all across our country.

Being stuck in a vehicle for hours and hours can be interesting for our family. We are all firmly in the chatter box family and a huge range of topics usually get thoroughly discussed. One of my favorites on this trip was on the topic of animals which somehow ended up with someone wondering if animals stub their toes too. LV informed them that yes, he knows that cows, horses, and deer sometimes do. And then the question was asked. What about chipmunks?  We had no answer.


  1. We have a chipmunk family in our back yard and if my old eyes weren't deceiving me, momma chipmunk stubbed her toes on one of the cabbage plants in the garden when she was chasing her little one. ;)

  2. That's a very good question. This is why I like having children around... They ask such interesting questions!

    It's so much nicer travelling when you have nice, clean, friendly looking places to stop!

  3. My kids came up with this one when they were little: What do you call a female chipmonk? A chip-nun!

    No doubt all critters stub their toes. What an interesting question...

    I'm glad Buddy turned out to be a good traveler. Both my kids were/are good at entertaining themselves in the car - such a blessing, since we travel many miles together!

  4. We found a clean truck stop in Ohio years back during a bad storm and decided that it was clean enough to do our laundry! So we did. We were there for ages because the power went out just as the first spin cycle began!! There was a man playing a "video" type game where he sat in a "cockpit" and flew a helicopter. He yelled, "I did it!" and the power was gone. I couldn't help it... I asked him in my 'stern mothers voice' "What did YOU DO?" ... and everyone cracked up! I can't say we had fun waiting over an hour for the power to come back on so we could finish the wash and then the drying, but it was clean and pleasant. Now, about chipmunks and their toes ... no clue :-) Glad you had a good trip with your little and big 'chipmunks'!

  5. May God richly bless LV's brother and wife for taking care of those motherless children.

  6. Not sure about the chipmunks, but I know squirrels stumble, as we have some that we have seen fall out of the trees a few times.

  7. I remember such questions when my kiddos were small...one that really stands out is...Do pigs have hair :)
    My daddy was a truck driver for years. I recall some pretty shabby truck stops as my mama,brother and I would sometime go on the road with him...the one you mentioned sounds wonderful...it would be nice to have more like that for the truckers. So sad about the loss of a mother to cancer...it is a horrible thing and effects so many...blessings on those precious children and your brother in law and his family for taking them under their wings.

  8. Kids can really come up with the questions. For some reason the one that sticks in my mind was whether on not the angels fix Jesus' breakfast, and where do they wash the dishes? Try answering that without a degree in theology!

  9. Glad the trip went well and yes, a clean truck stop is priceless. ♥

  10. So wonderful to find a CLEAN truck stop! What a great idea to start some like that....you should do that!

    I just love the questions kids ask! My 4 year old asks questions all day long. :)


  11. This is a wonderful story and so beautifully written. I will be back to visit again.



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