Monday, December 20, 2010

Stormy Days ~ Part Four

Tuesday morning dawned with clear blue skies, the community buzzed with activity as people started flocking by to help with the clean up.

Daddy and the boys went to help the neighbors. The woodworking shop could wait until later but right now there were people that needed all the help they could get. That evening at the supper table Daddy was sharing his day when we happened to noticed the sky was looking very unsettled again. Before long it started lightening and thunder rolled over the mountains. looking out the west window Daddy announced we all needed to go to the basement immediately.

We wasted no time and hurried downstairs and sat huddled together next to a back wall. Above us we could hear the noise of another tornado approaching. There were a few crashes and then everything grew eerily quiet once more. Daddy went to view the damage while the rest of us stayed in the basement.

After Daddy got back he said the pine trees behind the house were twisted off and there was a hole in the roof above the kitchen and also in Grandpa's new house but otherwise everything still appeared to be fine. This time our neighbor to our north had lost a building and we knew that once morning came there would be a lot more damage to see through out the community.

We went to clear away the supper dishes but before we could get them done someone stopped in and said that there is another tornado on the ground twelve miles away and headed this way fast. Once again we sought refuge in the basement until it had passed. It seemed unreal that three tornadoes had torn through our community in a very short time.

The days that followed M.D.S. (Mennonite Disaster Service) organized clean up efforts donating a lot of building materials and all the labor. People from various Amish communities came to help and our home was often filled with people who needed a place to sleep while they helped for a few days or weeks.

Day after day things kept gradually looking better and by fall things were once again looking like a peaceful community.


  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing. How do you remember everything in such detail? I have been holding my breath waiting to hear how everything turned out. I know everyone probably tells this to you a lot, but you should publish your memoirs.

  2. I've always admired the spirit of Amish & Mennonite folks in their desire to help out when needed. Thank you for this great story.

  3. That is real community spirit and something we can all learn from. My goodness, what memories you have to share.

  4. Did your friend break up with the guy?

  5. thank you for sharing - hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hopeful New Year.

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  6. What a scary feeling, but somehow disaster can bring out the best in some people and when everyone pitches in, everyone gets helped. I want to know what happened with your friend and her boyfriend, too! :)

  7. Wow. God really watched over you and took care of you. I was thinking when the first tornado hit, and it was storming, that barn (or house) could have easily been swept away. Thank God, He took care of yoU!


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