Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Weddings ~ Part Three

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly as I did the dishes and then spent the rest of the day playing games with my brothers. I prepared a nice supper for them and then went to get ready to go to the wedding reception.

We had a pleasant ride together and then enjoyed being able to watch as all the boys and girls paired up before going to eat. It was fun watching the girls expressions when the were told which of the boys had asked to sit with them. There were only a few that looked happy to be spending the next few hours sitting next to the boy that had chosen them.

After the everyone had been paired up we filed to the tables where we spent the next two hours singing. Only the boys had songbooks and shared them with the girl sitting next to them. Once we were done singing the bride's married brothers and sisters served bowls of steaming food. I was glad LV was getting something a little better to eat. They didn't have a lot of dessert like most Amish weddings do having only cake and then several kinds of pie.

The pie didn't look very appetizing to me with their very thick crust. I didn't take any but LV did. The crust was even worse than it had looked. Hard and not wanting to be cut with a fork. After eating the part with sparse fruit filling he tried working on the braided crust. Watching him try to eat it I offered to use my handkerchief to wrap it in and discard it later.

We were sitting with the few other courting couples in a little room by ourselves. after checking to make sure they weren't watching the pie crust made it's way from his plate to the handkerchief on my lap. I wrapped it up and put it in my pocket to be discarded on the way home.

After the meal was over the boys went to hitch up the horses while the girls gathered under a tree next to the driveway to wait for there ride to drive up. Most horses looked the same to me in the dark and so I was glad that LV's horse needed a special light colored piece of harness around his tail. I watched for it to make sure I got on the right buggy. Once I was settled in the buggy we made our way home slowly through the night. The buggy wheels singing their noisy song as they cut through the snow. It was still snowing and the headlights seemed dim as they tried to pierce through the swirling snow into the night. Inside the buggy I really couldn't have cared less about the driving conditions since LV and I were together.

To be continued


  1. What fun memories, can't wait for it to continue! Thanks for sharing your memories with us! I really enjoy reading them!
    until next time... nel

  2. Yep, nothing else matters when we're with that special someone, that's for sure. And you have to do a lot of snuggling when it's cold! Cute story ~ can't wait to read on... ♥

  3. Sigh! I'ts going to be a snuggly winter .. I can just tell!!! Looking forward to this continuing courtship ... I almost don't want it to end but at least we already know "the rest of the story!"

  4. Lettin' you know I'm reading and a little snicker of laughter at the discarding of the pie crust. lol

  5. You took good care of LV, getting rid of that pesky pie crust for him! Did you laugh about it on the way home? I love your stories.



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