Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Things in Life

There are some things in my life that help make it so much sweeter. Like a simple bouquet that was picked and presented to me by my children.

Sitting in front of a cozy fireplace with some good books. (It has actually been chilly enough this fall that the thought of starting a fire in our fireplace has crossed my mind.)

Pretty dishes. I especially like this hand painted water set, I love the colors and it brings back memories that I'll share some other time.
I really like quality oak furniture. One of my brothers made this elaborate desk/curio cabinet when he was fifteen. It makes me think of days gone by and brings back bittersweet memories.

I love the pile of letters I kept that my Mother wrote after we moved so far apart. And even though I am no longer adding new ones to the pile I still thoroughly enjoy going back and rereading the old ones. She didn't waste any space on the pieces of paper and her letters were usually at least three legal pad sheets long. Yummy!

And I really love these people. They are the reason I get up every morning.

What are some thing that help make your life sweeter?


  1. Those are all wonderful things - especially the last one - family makes life SO sweet!
    That Oak cabinet is amazing. It is hard to imagine a teenage boy made such a beautiful piece of furniture. I am amazed.
    The letters would be a treasure!

    Snuggling and reading a book with one of my children.
    The smell of morning in the fall.
    My family.
    All of these make life very sweet~!

  2. The smell of bread baking in the oven.
    Autumn walks with my family
    phone calls with my mom
    and Sunday mornings with our church.

  3. ...the smell of babies...misspelled words in a love letter from my little ones...laughter...long talks...rain

  4. It is hard to imagine a teenage boy made such a beautiful piece of furniture. I am amazed.
    The letters would be a treasure! How to make a website

  5. What makes my life sweeter?

    Family is at the top. :)
    Sitting on the front porch listening to the "quiet". :)
    Snuggling in the recliner with hubby. :)
    Hearing my children laugh and laugh! :)
    Listening when the cows "moo", breaking the silence of early morning. :)
    I could go on and on and on and on!!
    Enjoyed reading what makes your life sweeter. :)

  6. What an amazing dresser from one so young, it is a real heirloom.
    There have been many posts lately about the simple things of life, for which we should give thanks. Yours is a lovely post. Thank you.

  7. I treasure the letters from my Grandfather. He passed away a long time ago but I still have the letters he wrote to me in his shaky handwriting. He always signed them "your Grandad, HG Appleman"

  8. you listed some wonderful things and just look at your beautiful family!

  9. I find the time I spend with the Lord to be "sweet." And also, checking in on my sleeping, quiet baby is a sweet feeling.

  10. What a great looking family - uhhh, minus mom!! Next time...all 5 of you, girl. Yeah, I should talk! WOW - that desk/curio. Talk about a treasure - your brother certainly has a gift that's for sure. I can't wait to hear the memory about the pitcher and glasses, those are so pretty. What makes my life sweeter - blog friends! Awwwwe.

  11. Those books! They bring back so many memories of working for that publishing place: Pathway Publishers.

  12. It took me about a week, but I have read your entire blog, and it's been so interesting! I'll be following from here on out...thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment too. It's nice to find new people online :) Such an interesting life story you have! And poor Sunbeam :( I hope she's getting around ok now. Luckily she had this accident so young, so hopefully she'll fully recover. What a scary day that must have been! ....But you & your kids seem so full of life. I love seeing those huge smiles whenever you post photos - they're so sweet. Beautiful pitcher and glasses too! And I had to show my hubby that cabinet, and make him guess the age of the person that made it. That is incredible craftsmanship!

    Some things that make my life sweeter are snuggling with my cat, as silly as it sounds. Animals are such good listeners :) But more importantly, time spent walking or bike riding to the beach with my husband.

  13. You have a lovely family! The things that make my life sweeter are my faith in God. My sweet family, and extended family, spending time with them. Enjoying each day as it comes, and many others.... Your brother did a wonderful job with the cabinet, it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Such beautiful treasures you have. No wonder your life is so sweet.
    Things that make my life sweet:
    cuddling and having special mother daughter talks with the girls

    apple picking, the leaves changing colors and the smell of autumn

    my dogs and the love and devotion they give

    my family pictures, they go way back to the days of my great, great grandparents

    being with my brothers and their children

    reading, cuddled up under my favorite quilt my great aunt made for me

    spending time with my husband and girls hiking, cooking together, going to explore new things, just being a family.

  15. The simple things are the best in my opinion and are what life is all about. Lovely post.

  16. Your family is SO beautiful. And yep. That's what gets me going, too. And this will seem weird but, I am enjoying math SO MUCH this homeschooling year. We are using Teaching Textbooks and I have never enjoyed a math program so much. I can't wait to dive into it with The Wild Man everyday.

    I know. A little strange but, you asked. :)

  17. That desk/curio cabinet is amazing. And I really like the painted water set. Bouquets from children always seem so extra sweet and special. You have a lovely family.
    I enjoy emails, calls, or visits with my kids and extended family, as well as hanging out with my husband, horses and dog. Being outdoors, enjoying views and sunlight makes any day sweeter, too.

  18. What makes my life sweeter? Faith, family, friends and fun--thus the header on my blog.

    Loved your pictures and the sweet post.

    My giveaway ends tomorrow night.

  19. I love your blog! It's very interesting, informative and beautiful :) Following now- keep up the great work!!

  20. That desk is amazing!
    How incredible. What a gift he has.
    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.


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