Thursday, April 25, 2019

V ~ Voice Mail

    In our area the Amish have phones in little phone shanties. Several families will share the use of one shanty.
     The rule is the phone has to be far enough away from the house that you can't hear the phone ring. They also aren't allowed to have answering machines, but since they still want to be able to get in contact with whomever tried calling them they are allowed to have voice mail. They then call in to check their messages, often early in the morning.
     The reason I know they call early in the morning is because our phone number is only one digit different than their voice mail number, and I can't even begin guessing how often our phone rings because one of the Amish people wanted to check their voice mail.
     It's annoying, but I'd still rather have those wrong number calls than all the spam calls. It would be nice though if they could wait to check their voice mail until after the sun is up at least.


  1. Spa calls are so irritating, and although they are illegal here, we still get the odd one purporting to be from Microsoft or British Telecom etc.

  2. We have an Amish friend who is part of the Lancaster group. They have solar panels, which allows them to have a phone inside the house. It's a desk set in the "front room" -more of an office setup than a living room - and I think it's more of a cell phone arrangement. They do have an answering machine, as do some of their friends. What absolutely tickles me is seeing one of the Amish teens at the local market fiddling with a cell while they eat their lunch! Linda told me "things are changing, even for the Amish".

  3. Fascinating...I had no idea about the phones and Voice-mail...
    Thanks for sharing this part of life I know so little about.


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