Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few of Life's Mysteries

I have a curiosity complex.... I wonder about things..... but I'm generally too lazy to follow through until I find the answer, as a matter of fact I deprive much more enjoyment pondering various possible and not so possible answers, that it would be a shame to find the true and boring logical explanations to some of life's mysteries.

  • I remain baffled why, every time I do the laundry there are always a few socks that are either, widowed, single, or separated. The last time I checked we all had two feet so there must be some other explanation to this. I sometimes have the sneaking suspicion that if I would look in the right place at the right time I would find an assembly of dirty socks gleefully giving each other pointers on how to escape the soapy waters of the washing machine.
  • Why do some people spell the red glop you dunk your french fries into, ketchup and others spell it catsup? And why does almost everyone like the stuff? Is it a peer pressure thing that causes people everywhere to use it? Or is there some obscure violation to admit to not liking it? You'd think that with a mother that can't stand the stuff my children would at least use it with some sense, but they sit there and nearly drown their food in it, and then gulp it down as if it were delicious.
  • Why do you call it a yard or garage sale when you don't want to sell your yard or garage at all? Why isn't it called a used stuff sale or unwanted things sale or something along that line. And don't even get me started on flea markets.
  • Why is it that every time the house is shining and spotless, the children are all occupied quietly, there are freshly baked cookies in the jar, and you're dressed in your best, nobody pops in to say "Hi."
    And as sure as there is an extra creative mess and everybody is loudly enjoying it, someone is bound to come knocking.
    It just happened again. We had the dining room strewn with papers and glue, the breakfast dishes piled in the drainer to dry on their own, and to top it all off we were planning to attend a birthday party around noon so hadn't bothered to do our hair and even worse get into decent clothes until we were ready to get dressed and leave.
    In a condition like that, there's nothing worse than hearing the gravel crunch on the driveway and when you frantically look at the mess you and the house are in and open the door to see a friend that always looks perfect.... I gulped ..opened the door wide, wearing the best smile I could find at the moment and invited them inside. I didn't say a word about the mess in hopes that just maybe they will not notice a few of the messy details.
    It was sweet of them to drop by even though my "pride" took quite a tumble. But I made a vow. I will never pop in on anyone without giving them a warning, you just never know what they might be up to.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Glimpse of Our Life

There are times that I am convinced that I am the happiest girl in the world. I am rich in so many things that money can't buy. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and three great children and I'm enjoying everyday.

Before you think I'm all mushy and out of touch with reality I'll admit there are little things that pop up occasionally that aren't all sweet and perfect. But for about the first seven years of our marriage I would hear women griping or grumbling about their husband or details in their lives and I would feel guilty at how happy I am and try not to let anyone know how I feel. That has all changed, I still feel sorry for woman who are unhappy and have problems but, no longer will I hide the joy I have at being married, and devoting my life to pleasing my husband and enjoying my children.

I'm sharing pictures today that depict an average day of our life.

We are always on the outlook for anything pretty or unique outdoors. Today it happened to be a flowering Dogwood tree.
Sunbeam can surprise me at the things she ponders about. I caught her here, lost in thought and had to sneak a picture of her without disturbing her, so I turned off the flash.

After a bit she bounced off and came to ask if she can live with me always. She doesn't want to go on Sailor's ship.

I of course assured her I'd be happy to have her live with us for as long as she wants to.

Sailor's pup Wags is devoted to his little master. They spend hours together every day and whenever Sailor has to do his schoolwork Wags will be sitting patiently outside the patio doors waiting for him.
Here he is watching Rosebud wash windows.

Rosebud wants to help with everything. If I'm cooking or baking she's right there helping. (Sunbeam likes to be involved too) She has mastered a few of the simpler things already and can't wait to be able to do everything on her own.
Here she was helping wash windows, she loves making the rags squeak against the glass and informed me that if she rubs very hard it almost sounds like a whip-poor-will singing.
I listened and it really does sound similar.

And here Sailor is singing away as he is filling the water tub for the few calves we have right now.
It's too bad you can't hear him sing. He sings all the while he does his chores. I never realized how much, until one of our neighbors told me that they can tell whenever it's chore time because they hear Sailor singing.

He is Daddy's right hand man and takes great pride at taking the responsibility of being man of the house on the occasion Daddy can't be at home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pie Crust

One of the favorite desserts in our house is pie. Cherry or peach are at the top of the list but if I don't have fruit available pecan pie is our next choice.

I have experimented with a lot of different pie crusts but it seemed I never could find one that was perfect or always turned out good.

I grew up thinking you have to have pastry flour to make a good pie crust, but after moving to the middle of no-where, I was unable to find pastry flour and the sorry looking pie crusts I turned out were enough to grieve any cook's spirit.

But after a lot of experimenting with various results I finally found the perfect recipe that works great with any flour. And now I am once more producing pie with crust that are beautifully flaky and practically melts in your mouth.

Prize Winning Pie Crust

3 cup flour
1 cup butter flavored Crisco
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup water
   Spoon flour gently into measuring cup and level the top by sliding a knife across to scrape of any excess. Mix flour and Crisco by hand until the crumbs are all uniform in size. Add liquids and stir and mix gingerly by hand. It is quite gloppy and a little freaky at this point but don't worry in a few moments it turns into soft pie dough that is just begging to be worked with.
Divide into three or four patties and roll out on floured surface. It is a good idea to flour your rolling pin also.

And there you have it. The perfect pie crust. Use it for two pie that need a top crust also or 3 or 4 pecan pie.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Springtime is my favorite time of year here where we live. All the flowering trees, wild flowers, and singing birds, especially the birds. Hearing them always make you feel happy and carefree.
One afternoon this week we all went out to our little patch of woods where Sailor has been spending most of his spare time building a cabin and trying his hand at making arrowheads and other non girly things.

The Redbud trees put a splash of color in the otherwise drab scenery.
We reached Sailor's cabin and I had to check it all out, he had built a sofa so Mom has something to sit on whenever she comes to visit him. It was actually quite comfortable considering it was made of a pile of wood. Sailor took a few pictures of me sitting there but I won't be posting those. I really think some things are better, left a mystery.
The children had their turn and Sailor's pup, Wags had to get in on the action too, much to Sunbeam's consternation.

It was a fun day, and we all came back tired and happy. Springtime walks have a way of doing that to a person.
What do you enjoy doing on a nice spring day?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Rainbows

It's a dreary rainy day outside, but indoors the "sun" is shining. With three children there is never a dull moment. At any given moment there is something interesting going on.

Right now there is a lively discussion on what would be the best route to take to get from the east coast to California, with the atlas spread out before them they are intently taking notes and picking out towns to stop at for the night. They have managed to give me traveling fever.
Our son just celebrated his ninth birthday, and dreams of being the captain of a ship once he's old enough, I'll be calling him Sailor in this blog, our oldest daughter is seven and loves helping out around the kitchen, Rosebud seems to fit quite nicely as a name tag for her, and then our four year old, so far she is content being the Sunbeam of the family.

Here is Sunbeam after sitting through one of Rosebud's hairdressing sessions.
Rosebud and Sailor. Their laughter is so contagious, I can never see this picture without having to smile.

Monday, April 6, 2009

About A Joyful Chaos

Hi, and welcome to my chaotic world.
  • I am a happily married wife, and mother to three children all of whom you'll get to meet in the days to come.
  • I enjoy cooking, baking, and creating new recipes. I will also be sharing a lot of those in the the future.
  • I enjoy writing and have been fortunate to have some of my work published.
  • I also have a confession to make........ I was born Amish but have chosen a different lifestyle. I will be sharing a lot on that subject. All about growing up Amish. The journey from some of my earliest memories to where I am now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

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