Friday, September 13, 2019


Reading ... I'm reading John in the Bible, and adding in a chapter or two of Psalms every morning as well. I find the Psalms so encouraging and soothing. They become more and more precious to me.

In fiction, the Anne of Green Gables series has still not been completed though I started a while ago already. I also have Garlic and Sapphires here waiting to be read again. I loved it the first time I read it, and am looking forward to enjoying it again.

In non fiction I read Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up last evening(Basically the graphic novel version of cleaning Konmari style) It was weird. If it had not been a super fast read I would not have finished the book. I won't be thanking inanimate objects, clapping at books to wake them up, or sprinkling salt in bags. I also won't be recommending the book to anyone else. Like I said ... weird!!!

Watching ... The gentle mizzle outside the window and the steady drip drip of water from the small leak in the gutter along the front porch roof.

Listening ... to the sweet chimes of the wind chimes outside my window as they sway to the movement of the gentle East wind this morning.

Cooking ... last evening I made barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, only I used the left over beef roast instead of pork to make it. It turned out quite tasty,which say something since I don't usually care for beef.

Cleaning ... nothing that exciting. I cleaned the refrigerator out yesterday. I try to do it every week to keep it from getting to be a big project. Something had spilled so it took a little more effort than usual to clean it.

Wearing ... a mint green dress. I look as if I'd be ready to celebrate Easter.

Playing ... we played Hoagie, In a Pickle, and Fruit Punch yesterday. Each happens to be fun, fast, and don't require a lot of strategy. Sometimes it's fun to simply play for fun!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Jumping to Conclusions

    When a child is hurt because of someone jumping to conclusions and judging them before hearing the entire story you hurt for them and then share your own experience of having been judged wrongfully.
    The child's story is not mine to share, but I can share a few of my own. I find having experienced these makes me want to hesitate before being so quick to jump to conclusions.

Story 1

    Every year Dad would get a huge pile of firewood from Grandpa's sawmill. We would unload it at home and then allow it to season for a year before moving it into our woodshed the following fall.
    One fall we had moved most of the previous year's firewood into the woodshed, but there were still quite a bit of pieces half way buried in dirt and fragments of decomposing bark.
    Dad had asked me to dig out those pieces yet and move them inside. My two youngest brothers followed me everywhere and naturally they accompanied me outside to help. I squatted down and dug out the pieces and they would stack them on the wagon and once it was filled we would take it to the woodshed to unload it.
     Dad had some errands to run and had called a driver to take him where he needed to go. The driver arrived and had to wait a few minutes until Dad was ready to leave. I kept on digging out stray pieces of firewood and Ivan and Raymond were still happily stacking any piece I unearthed onto the wagon.
     Dad left to take care of his errands, and when he came home he unloaded everything while the driver waited. I was still working on the firewood project. When the driver was ready to leave he stopped next to where I was digging out another piece of wood, and gave me a piece of his mind about how disgusted he was that I was so lazy that I would just sit there and have my little brothers do all the work.
     I simply gaped at him and before I could find words again he had driven off.

Story 2

    With Mom busy with customers most of the time, I was the main caretaker of my youngest siblings. I was sixteen when Raymond was born and he was by my side constantly. 
     One day I was working in the garden with Raymond toddling around near me trying to help or picking up little rocks to play with when an older "English" pastor stopped in.
     He saw me in the garden and came over to talk a little before heading to the woodworking shop where Dad was busy making chairs.
     Raymond wasn't too fond of strangers and clung to the skirt of my dress. I scooped him up and stood there holding him as we talked.
     The pastor proceeded to tell me how disappointed he was to see even the Amish have unwed mothers, but assured me God could forgive my sins and still use the little guy for His glory. He then marched off to find my Dad and then it dawned on me he thought my brother was my son.


These two examples serve as a good reminder why I think it's important to understand situations before being so fast to think the worst of someone.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Visiting Grandparents

    Our weekend was full.
    It started when my alarm clock jangled me awake at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning, and we got up and hurried to get ready to go visit LV's parents.
    The children were excited to get to see their grandparents once again, so instead of being sleepy and groggy that early in the morning there was an air of eager anticipation as we prepared to leave.
    The traveling was uneventful, and we arrived safely and were warmly welcomed into their home.
    Our time there was spent laughing, talking, eating Grandma's delicious food, playing games in their basement, and taking pictures of her beautiful flowers. All in all it was a wonderful time that we all enjoyed.

     Fast forward to this morning, my alarm clock jangles me awake, and I get up to go about my morning routine. Once I took care of that I headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and blinked in confusion when I saw the clock on the stove had only 3:12. I checked the other clocks and they all agreed with it, and then it dawned on me that I had forgotten to reset my alarm clock to the proper time after we got home.
      I decided 45 minutes isn't enough to make it worthwhile going back to bed, so my day has been off to an early start.
      We'll have to see how it goes. Yawn.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Fairs, Funerals, and Life In-between

    It would have been a challenge to pack anything more into this past week.
    The long awaited, and much anticipated fair week rolled around. We had plans to go on Monday evening as soon as LV came home from work, but half way through the day he called, telling us to go ahead without him, that he has to go to an emergency thing in Pittsburgh.
     We were all disappointed, but went ahead determined we'd have a great time.
     Steven grew a lot since last year, which meant a whole new assortment of rides were available to him.  I wandered the midway with him, standing in line, then watching him ride, before hurrying off to the next ride to repeat the process.
     While waiting next to the little roller coaster I felt my purse shiver oddly. I opened it to see my phone vibrating away. The caller ID showed it was one of my brothers, so I answered. "Uncle Eli passed away," he informed me, and he'd call back later once he knew what the arrangements were.
     That put a damper on my standing and watching Steven ride, but we stayed until LV called to say what time he'd be home.
     We got a whole mess of sweetcorn from the nearby Hutterite colony. It was quite the chore getting it all ready for the freezer, but what a good feeling once it was done, to know I have food put up for winter.
     On Friday afternoon the funeral for Uncle Eli was held. I was thinking family would probably stop in to see us in the morning, so we whipped up some fun treats, and did a quick visitor ready sweep of the house, but it was all in vain. No one ventured by.
     I didn't attend the funeral. I could have, but another emergency popped up when an accident occurred that kept LV on the scene for eight hours. We have an agreement that I won't have to venture to Amish things alone. (Somehow they are much less harsh when he is by my side.) And so I stayed at home.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Life with Steven

    I share little happenings on my Facebook, and decided I'd share a few of the most recent ones here as well.
We hardly ever have juice on hand unless we need it for a recipe. Yesterday a bottle of unsweetened cranberry juice appeared on the refrigerator shelf after a grocery run.
Steven eyed its sparkling beauty in eager anticipation of being allowed to drink the leftover once we used what we needed.
Steven: Can I have a little if I save enough for your recipe?
Me: I don't think you'll like it.
Steven doubtfully: Really? Short pause and then asks hopefully. Can I have a tiny taste?
I agreed and poured a small amount for him to try.
He slurped it down happily and then his eyes got big, he shuddered, and said solemnly: My tastebuds just had a horrible adventure!
Steven looks up from his schoolwork and says: Mom, you know how I make that writing in cursive is fun?
Me: How?
Steven: I pretend the letters are a roller coaster.
Me thinking: Oh! That explains all the squeals that were accompanying his writing this morning.
It started raining on the way home and I didn't turn on my windshield wipers immediately.
From the back seat comes Steven's voice: Um, Mom ... shouldn't you turn on your swishy whooshies?
I have a feeling the Kinsinger family has just found a new name for windshield wipers.