Saturday, April 11, 2009


Springtime is my favorite time of year here where we live. All the flowering trees, wild flowers, and singing birds, especially the birds. Hearing them always make you feel happy and carefree.
One afternoon this week we all went out to our little patch of woods where Sailor has been spending most of his spare time building a cabin and trying his hand at making arrowheads and other non girly things.

The Redbud trees put a splash of color in the otherwise drab scenery.
We reached Sailor's cabin and I had to check it all out, he had built a sofa so Mom has something to sit on whenever she comes to visit him. It was actually quite comfortable considering it was made of a pile of wood. Sailor took a few pictures of me sitting there but I won't be posting those. I really think some things are better, left a mystery.
The children had their turn and Sailor's pup, Wags had to get in on the action too, much to Sunbeam's consternation.

It was a fun day, and we all came back tired and happy. Springtime walks have a way of doing that to a person.
What do you enjoy doing on a nice spring day?


  1. I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for checking out my pressed flower blog. So glad to have you there! I find all that you write so interesting. I grew up near the Appalachians and hope to do a pressed flower scene of that area soon. I'm sure I will find inspiration here! I have read all of Gene Stratton-Porter's work...even her nature books...loved them all immensely!

  2. Adorable post - nice cabin, Sailor boy!! That was a lot of work I'm sure. I can already tell this is going to be a favorite site of mine.


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