Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Gift From God

It was still dark outside when Daddy came into our bedroom early one Saturday morning. He gently shook us to wake us up and helped us get dressed. Packed a few clothes in a small suitcase and then hurried us out through the chilly night air to where Jim was patiently standing by the hitching rack hitched to our top buggy.

We climbed into the front seat beside Daddy and off we went clip clopping through the night. We were soon at Grandpa Mast's and Daddy helped us off the buggy and we went up to the house, which didn't look nearly as inviting in the middle of the night as it did during the day.
Daddy knocked on the door and in a few minutes Grandpa and Grandma were standing there. Grandma asked Daddy "How is she?" and Daddy answered "She's alright but I need to hurry back."
Grandma nodded as Daddy turned around and knelt down beside us and gave us a hug and told us to be good little children until he comes back and then hurried out into the night again. Grandma made cozy little nests on the living room floor for John and me and went back into bed.
We lay there in the dark, the clock was ticking loudly and nothing seemed right. There must be something wrong with Mom, she hadn't even said good-bye to us. A big choking lump formed in my throat and I wanted to cry more than anything else, but knew I shouldn't because Daddy had told us to be good.

Somehow the night finally came to an end and morning looked a lot better. We helped Vernie set the table for breakfast and then had the whole day to play. And when evening came so did Daddy smiling from ear to ear. We ran to meet him and he gave us a big hug and told us "Mom has a surprise for you at home." We loved surprises and hurried into the house to get our suitcase while Daddy talked to Grandma.

When we got home Daddy took us into their bedroom where Mom was lying in bed and beside her was the cutest little baby boy. Mom smiled at us and said "Say hello to your brother David."
We stroked his hair and admired his tiny hands and feet and then asked the all important question, "Where did you get him?"

"God gave him to us" they answered.

How I wished I could have been home for that! Here God had come and given them a baby and I didn't even get to meet Him!


  1. awww bless! How old would you have been then?

  2. You are keeping these stories in a notebook or something I hope?? These are going to be treasures for your kids when they're older. Very cute!

  3. Re: big_mummy I was four years old when David was born.

    Re: Bethrusso I am trying to write things for our children but right now I only have a box where I keep pages of scribbled memories. I really need to get it organized sometime.

  4. All your stories are so beautiful! That would be edited, bounded. I'm almost certain any editor would be more than happy to edit them... your storylife is wonderful and bring smiles, emotions, tears sometimes and happiness above all at is reading! Some of your "episodes" resemble to some of my childhood in Quebec (countrylife in Lake St-John). Thank you to share with us!

  5. I write all my blog posts using Windows Live Writer which is a free program you can download. It saves a local draft to your computer. You could also print them out from there. Enjoying your blog very much.


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