Wednesday, April 17, 2019

O ~ Over the Hill

     Who decided 40 is over the hill? Somehow I have this feeling it must have been someone who has not yet celebrated their 40th birthday.
     I still remember when my parents turned forty. I also remember thinking they're pretty old. Funny how that changes once it's you.
     Today I officially join the "over the hill" crowd. It has been a perfectly lovely day so far. The girls cooked a special breakfast for me and then they and Steven surprised me with thoughtful gifts they had made.
     Rosie Mae has been learning how to make books. She made this one for me. It has a hard cover that she then covered in fabric.  The pages have been hand sewn and bound. It's a lovely book.

     Her second gift was a tin filled with tea bags. She knows my favorite tea is an herbal one that comes in only loose leaf form. She hand sewed tea bags using coffee filters and filled them with my tea.

     Sharon knows I love elephants so she drew one on the card she made. Her gifts were a a big bag filled with little bags to open one per day to make my birthday last longer. I'm looking forward to discovering the contents of each bag. She always puts a lot of thought and feelings into the gifts she gives.

      Steven gave me an envelope filled with coupons. I love how the "anything" coupon has multiple uses. It perfectly shows his tender heart and desire to help others with what ever they need.

     So far 40 has been lovely ... and no matter what the saying is ... I don't feel "over the hill" at all.


  1. Happy birthday! I agree that 40 isn't that old! Your children's gifts are lovely and so thoughtful! You've rasied them well :-)

  2. I'm tickled to learn that we share a birthday! I've got a few years on you, though. Your children's gifts are adorable, and I was relieved that O was not about olives.

  3. What delightful gifts! Happy birthday!

  4. H��PPY BIRTHD��Y Mary Ann x

    All Good Wishes,glad your day has turned out to be a Special one ��

    Forty would once have been considered quite
    old but not anymore.

    I enjoyed reading about the lovely gifts from the Children.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Mary Ann! Your children have each given you such thoughful gifts, full of love for you. I absolutely adore homemade gifts.
    I'm wishing you a wonderful day full of continued acts of love shown to you. I also wish you a blessed year to come.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary Ann! You have taught your children well. They have put so much thought and time into the gifts they made for you. You will love being 40.

  7. Happy Birthday! Your children's gifts are lovely and so thoughtful.

  8. Happy Birthday. No, you are not over the hill, cause if you are that at 40 then I am a lost cause for sure.

  9. Happy 40th birthday!! Your children made amazing gifts that show how much they love you!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I have a friend I call my "Birthday Twin". We were born exactly one month apart, have the same middle name - and the same maiden name! We had a big "do" for our 50th birthdays. I made a Bundt cake, made little sleds from curled chewing gum, and iced little Teddy-grahams for people. Our theme was "Over the Hill - and Picking Up Speed".

  11. Too much...what loving and thoughtful gifts you received for the big 40! Lucky and blessed with love! Hugs!

  12. 40 - just think you've got another 40 years to look forward to! And what a treasure trove of gifts you received from the people who love you the most - such well thought-out and planned. I'd say you had a very happy birthday indeed and are very blessed with your family.

  13. I've enjoyed you blog for a long time and enjoy hearing about your childhood and now about your children. No you are not over the hill! I never felt bad or sad on reaching birthdays like that and now am 72 1/2. Vivian Furbay

  14. How interesting, I was born just two days after you, so also recently had my 40th. I enjoy your blog but am not much of a commenter usually. Also from what I’ve read, your “little” boy was born on/about the same day as my “little” boy, also a little blonde fella. I also have two boys and two girls. Thanks for sharing, always an enjoyable read.
    A friend from far north


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