Saturday, April 20, 2019

R ~ Righteous

    We were all enjoying some of Aunt Emma's good cooking as we sat around the table in Grandpa's kitchen. 
     Midway through our meal there was a knock on the door. When Grandpa answered it there was a man standing there asking if he could order some boards to do repairs on his barn. 
     Grandpa invited him inside and offered him a place at the table to join us in our meal.
      The man accepted the offer and continued to talk business as we ate. He was telling  Grandpa the measurements of the boards he needed him to cut in his sawmill.
      Grandpa asked him if he has the measurenents written down somewhere.
      The man answered that no, he doesn't that he simply looked at what he needed and decided to come order them.
      "Did you at least measure?" Grandpa asked.
       "No, I didn't" the man said. "If you live righteous you can look at something like that and know the exact measurements."
     Grandpa didn't argue, but provided the man with a piece of paper to write down everything he needed.
      By this time we were intrigued enough that we wanted to know the outcome of this righteous kind of measuring, and when the man left we asked Grandpa to keep us posted.
      Several weeks later he told us that none of the boards fit and they varied between two and five feet off for each piece.
      The second attempt the man measured what he needed and Grandpa cut the boards for him. There was no mention of being righteous this time around.


  1. This story made me smile. Yes, better to measure and be sure.

  2. I have the feeling even Noah measured!

    1. Yes! And all those precise temple measurements ... I'm thinking God has nothing against measuring.

  3. My grandmother told me a story about a man who lived down the street from my parents. They already had 4 daughters, the wife is pregnant for a 5th time and he is positive this one is a boy. Baby pops out it's a girl and few years goes by and the wife is pregnant with baby 6, he is 110 percent positive this one is a boy now you have to take in mind that this was before ultrasound so no idea of what the sex of the baby is. Baby pops out it's daughter number 6, 2 weeks later they move. Now I don't think he was ashamed at having another daughter it was all the bragging he was doing before she was born. Moral of the story don't assume something is right until you know for sure.

    1. Speaking out of turn can cause a lot of embarrassment!

  4. That gave me a laugh today. Thanks and blessings, Glenys

  5. My Dad always told us "measure twice, cut once".


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