Tuesday, April 9, 2019

H ~ How Deep the Father's Love for Us

  How Deep the Father's Love for Us has become a sort of tradition to listen to at our house.

  How do traditions get started?

  For our family, it's often quite unintentional. We do something, enjoy it, and do it again, and again until it has become a tradition.

   It's what happened with our birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, as well as some other things.

   That is also how it became tradition to listen to How Deep the Father's Love for Us every Sunday morning while I make breakfast.

    I listen to it occasionally at other times, but now it always makes me feel as if I should be making breakfast when I hear it even though the words are so meaningful.


  1. That is a lovely song.I smile at the tradition and how it makes you feel that you should make breakfast when you hear it.

  2. I love this beautiful hymn. So mraningful.

  3. I have always liked this song. Our family had some traditions too but they have disappeared as children have moved around the world. I like to think the same kinds of traditions are happening in their homes now.

  4. This song is absolutely one of my favorites. I was first introduced to it in 2003 when I sang in a community chorus and we did a musical that had this song in it. I then immediately introduced it to my students at the Christian school where I was music teacher. And now I include it in my church choir's Easter season list of songs each year.

  5. Beautiful song..I haven't heard it in a long time.
    I love the evolution of traditions. They get deep down into one's soul and become the very breath of our lives.


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